NURO – Self-driven Delivery vehicle start up raises $940M

by megan jones in News on 12th February 2019

Nuro – Technology company aims to accelerate the future, where the lives are made easier by using Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in everyday life was Co-founded by Jiajun Zhu and Dave Ferguson in 2016 with headquarters at San Francisco, California. To accomplish this mission, Nuro comprises a team of Entrepreneurs and Engineers, Scientists and Designers who believe in the advancement of which they are making in the field on Robotics and Machine Learning today will lead to the dramatical improvement of tomorrow’s life. They are veterans in Robotics, Consumer Electronics, Autonomous Vehicles and automotive from big industries like Google, Apple, Tesla, Waymo and GM. The 1st step made by Nuro is a Self-Driving vehicle used for the transportation of local goods.

Funding – Series B

Recently, in the series B funding rough led by a venture capital firm SoftBank Vision Fund as the lead investor, Nuro has raised huge funding of $940M. With this, the total funding raised by Nuro amounts to $1B to date with the support from investors like Gaorong Capital, Greylock partners and also including SoftBank. These newly raised funds will be utilized for expanding Nuro’s delivery service, adding new partners, Scale-up its fleet of Self-Driving bots and hire employees.

Features of Self-Driving Vehicle

Nuro’s on-road vehicle is a completely autonomous vehicle designed for the purpose of transporting goods Quickly, Safely and easily Affordable.

  • Designed to Deliver
    Customers can get anything, anywhere at any time using Nuro’s vehicle. Comprising of flexible interior design, the vehicle can handle errands of all type – right from Dinner to Dry cleaning.
  • A Safer Neighbour

There is no scope to worry about the driver or the passengers. The vehicle was Engineered from the ground so that to keep about What’s outside which is even safer than What’s inside.

  • Affordable Convenience.
    Nuro vehicle can be affordable by anyone as it delivers Life’s needs at convenient prices.

Safety Innovations

  1. Lower Speed Operation
    Nuro’s Self-driven vehicle is exclusively designed to run below or at 25 miles/hr speed. Such low speed gives more time to react and thus prevent collisions. Since no passengers, which means extra time to carefully drive and stay on the safe side always
  2. Lighter, Narrower, and more Nimble vehicle
    Since there will be no passengers, there exist no requirements such as Leather seats or Stereos, Power Windows or a steering wheel. This makes the vehicle ready on a much narrow frame and reduces the width when compared to that of a typical stereo car. And also it avoids a collision if suddenly someone pulls out of the driveway or comes in between as there will be more space for obstruction navigation. Apart from this, it weighs less further cutting the Stopping distance.
  3. Ability to Self-Sacrifice
    Nuro’s vehicle has an in-built mechanism such that in the worst case of the vehicle encountering with an unavoidable collision, Vehicle has the opportunity to Prioritize Human safety, Other road users, and Occupied vehicles over than its contents.
  4. Safety-Enhanced Vehicle front-end
    Nuro is engineering their vehicle with specific attention to minimize the physical damage in the occurrence of the pedestrian strike. Though the priority is to Avoid collisions, it is always good to be prepared for any scenario. Nuro uses soft materials for both the front and the rear panels to protect the pedestrians. Nuro also has designed its front-end which acts as a ‘Crumple Zone’ that minimizes the potential for Injury.


Nuro believes that Great technology should be for the benefit of everyone. So to make that type of technology, Nuro is accelerating the boundaries of Robotics for the betterment of human life. All these innovative thoughts and implementing them in real life made Nuro one of the topmost Technology building organization and the reason for the input flow of funds for its further development and growth.


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