Pop-ups on the website, live chat, and chatbots for free. Is it even real?

by Josh Biggs in Software, Tips on 13th September 2021

The above mentioned tools in the title are commonly known as automation marketing tools. Marketing automation software not only helps automate repetitive tasks, but also helps marketers understand more about their operating customers, create leads, nurture them, and final step turning them into customers.

In this article, Meldium will introduce you to what marketing automation is, its benefits for businesses, and the top marketing automation tools best suited for small businesses.

Marketing automation are cutting edge technologies that make it possible for you to plan campaigns, create various content, segment your customers, generate and nurture leads and ultimately convert them into customers, helping to increase sales, profitability and ROI.

When deciding which automation marketing tool is right for your organization, first of all, put yourself in the shoes of the user and think about the value they are trying to get. The reality is not that the most modern chatbot or live chat with the most features will be the best choice for the current condition of your business.

Another thing to consider is the audience engagement preferences. Some users may prefer to have the chatbot guide them through intuitive menu buttons rather than having an open conversation where they are asked to communicate directly with the agent. 

What are pop-up ads?

Coming from features within smart widgets, let’s discover an important automated feature that is pop-up ads. Most free automation platforms provide a selection of smart widgets including but not limited to, pop-ups.

Pop-up advertising is one of the most popular types of advertising on the internet. Pop-up is one of the types of small ads, which automatically appear on the website by displaying it very prominently on the screen even if you do not click, pop up is often used to launch programs, promotions, discounts or direct links to other websites.

Pop-up ads can be seen as a type of follow-up ads. These ads often appear above the main websites that the internet visitor has just clicked. It can directly grow customer engagement. Moreover, pop-ups have the ability to create custom scenarios, suggestions and select a perfect ad to promote your business at no extra cost. 

What is live chat?

Live chat helps staff to monitor and chat directly with many customers who are accessing your website at the same time, helping to connect and better support to develop more loyal customers for your website.

This is an effective solution to help increase sales and is a savior for online business people (although indirectly but directly).

The customer’s questions are diverse, each customer has their own interests and purposes of finding different information, so even if you have recorded all the information on the website surely still leave a few small questions for the customers.

For example, when buying an item online, the first thing customers care about is where it comes from, how long is the warranty, is it free, how much is the delivery price, and what incentives are there. There are many questions that cannot be covered on the web, but customers need answers.

Service cost savings is the top benefit of live chat. It has 17-30% cheaper customer service costs than traditional direct calling, but has the ability to increase customer interactions, generating significant profit margins.

Efficient business operations, comprehensive and professional customer support at all times are issues that businesses pay great attention to. And using chatbot becomes an ideal choice, a useful support tool. Let’s learn together with Meldium to know what chatbot is, as well as its application to help each unit take the initiative in using it to bring about high efficiency, being able to maximize the value and benefits as required.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a pre-program tool that simulates human conversations. It is also known as a technical assistant that can understand human abilities. The bots will do the job of interpreting and processing the needs that users give, thereby giving them answers quickly and promptly when customers have questions to answer.

Chatbot thanks to voice or text and at the same time can be deployed on websites, mobile apps, or messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter or Whatsapp, etc. to communicate with customers and answer questions and concerns from customers. In short, chatbot is a program that is able to do the task of interacting with humans. This is a tool that is now widely used as a substitute for consultants to help answer customer questions.

Final thought

Marketing automation is an effective marketing tool that optimizes the omnichannel customer experience. However, with the growing amount of data of businesses, to understand customers completely, using automation marketing tools alone is not enough.

The goal of automating your business is to create effective marketing. So, the process of collecting information of a particular customer will end when they become qualified leads or even sometimes regular customers.

To be able to optimize the customer experience continuously, seamlessly and throughout, businesses will need other more comprehensive customer management tools that integrate all customer data at every stage, create a continuously iterative process to capture customer insights and optimize the user experience throughout their lifecycle.

There are many integrated platforms that apply all stages from data collection and consolidation to implementing personalized campaigns using automation tools to save customer data most effectively, making the best experience possible. Automation experience is easier than ever, delivering breakthrough revenue for your business.

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