Profitable Webinars: 4 Simple Ways To Monetize Your Expertise

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 5th July 2021

If you’re looking for ways to make a side hustle or even consider making a simple online event to earn income, a webinar must be counted in. 

Webinars are known to give opportunities to reach your target customer. Besides, webinars are educational, entertaining, and interesting for both your customers and you. That is, the benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks.

So, how can you make money off of a webinar? Let me share a few simple ways for making profitable webinars within no time.

Using a webinar cycle as a strategy

Organizing your first webinar might be an overwhelming task. So it would help if you had a strategy to make it easy for you to start from scratch. 

Start with your audience.

Before you begin the webinar creation process, check if you have the right attendees onboard. Then, start pointing out what your leads want and know their pain points that you need to answer.

Delivering the appropriate message to the right attendee at the right time is the true essence of creating a successful online event. On the other hand, if you have incorrect attendees, it reduces your chances of producing a successful webinar.

Choosing the appropriate webinar platform

Between the starting point and end, selecting the best webinar tool is vital. First, choose a software that allows you to design and host webinars with audio and video conferencing. But, you can also use the webinar sales funnel tool to convert your leads.

End on setting up the exact date

Before you can invite anyone to attend your webinar, you must first choose a date and time. Is there a recommended practice for webinar scheduling? Yes, stick to your buyer persona’s time zone and hold your webinar at a nice timing.

Be creative & use eye-catching visuals 

Staying ahead of the curve entails thinking outside the box. This is applying tactics that your attendees will like and offering content that will be remembered long after your event has ended.

So how to be creative and draw your customer into engaging with your product or service? 

Here are tips to be included, such as:

  • Think of a catchy webinar topic and title
  • Make use of animations & graphic designs (steer clear of wordy presentations)
  • Create a poll, or survey
  • Add all must-have pages, the registration page, landing page, thank you page and replay page.

Instil a sense of urgency 

Making a sales pitch webinar can be intimidating. However, you can succeed in your business if you don’t start with this marketing strategy. 

Make it clear to your audience that if they don’t act immediately, they will miss out. Add a timer to show customers how much time they have left to order. Or let them know how many products are left to buy from your business.

You can also incorporate a quick action bonus to make your webinar attendees feel special, making it a sure-fire success. For example, you may give everyone who attends your webinar a free ebook or online course—even offering discounts on buying any of your other digital products.

Use an effective webinar promotional strategy

You can put a lot of work and attention into making excellent webinars, but you won’t make any money if you don’t advertise them. Or, if you want to warm up your potential audience before approaching them, sign up for your webinars.

Companies may make money from upcoming webinars in three ways for promotion. 

Social Media Marketing

Being engaged on social media is always a good idea. So get out there and socialize: 

  • Facebook – Schedule promotions on Facebook from time to time. You can use relevant content and high-quality images, and a CTA.
  • Twitter & LinkedIn – These two are known for posting in formal and informal. Use relevant hashtags and tweet about your forthcoming webinar.
  • Forums and Groups – You can take advantage of your active social groups and pages. And let them know about your upcoming webinar.
  • Paid Social Advertising – Take advantage also of paid promotions or ads. More engagement on people and interaction may reach this matter.

Send emails

This is good if you have your email list to invite to the webinar, or you’re generating emails for an affiliate partner who will email their list. First, you can provide them with the webinar platform’s link. Then, you can use it to set expectations and get people excited about the webinar.

Extra tip: You can also insert a small piece of material to your email to increase their engagement, such as an article about/from the host.


This is not a common way to promote your webinar, as it’s a more traditional one. But, you can send them a reminder before the webinar or after and send an appreciation message.

Go live and make a profitable webinar!

Webinars can be a great way for a business to earn income or sell a product, especially during these times. But, you can only generate money if you provide them with a lot of value in your webinar. So, start to record your webinar and keep your progress ahead of you.

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