Quick Guide to Starting Your Own HVAC Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 25th October 2021

If you’re thinking that you might like to start your own HVAC business one day, you’re not alone in aspiring to entrepreneurship. Among US adults, over 60 percent share the drive to become their own bosses.

After all, who wouldn’t like a little more control over their own schedule or the option to make sure you can make your kids’ events. Starting your own business can even help you achieve some control over your income. Of course, starting a service business isn’t something you can just do overnight.

If you’re committed to the idea, keep reading for our quick guide to starting your own HVAC business

Skills and Knowledge

Before you get to launching your business, you will need the appropriate skills and knowledge to perform the work on HVAC systems. There are a couple of training options.

You can attend a classroom-based HVAC training program, which typically runs from 6 months up to around 2 years. Many community colleges and trade schools offer these kinds of programs.

You can also do an HVAC apprenticeship, which typically takes from 3 years to 5 years.

If you want to run a business one day, you may also want to take some courses on entrepreneurship, small business management, and basic bookkeeping.

Certifications and Licensing

There are several HVAC certifications that you can get that let you specialize a bit. North American Technician Excellence provides several HVAC certifications. The EPA also offers three HVAC-related certifications.

As a general rule, all HVAC technicians must get the EPA’s Section 608 certification, which deals with the safe handling and disposal of appliances or systems with refrigerants.

Different states impose different rules about HVAC licenses. If your state requires a license, they’ll set out a list of qualifications such as education and experience. They’ll provide a state test for licensing.

Marketing and Advertising

Once you get your experience and any necessary certifications or licensing, you can open your doors. Getting customers, though, takes some marketing and advertising.

Minimally, you’ll want a website that’s built with SEO in mind. If you’re not confident about your computer skills, you can always get outside help from SEO specialists like these.

You can also take out ads in local publications or on local radio stations and support your website with social media profiles.


You’ll want a feature on your website that lets people set up bookings for your services. Make sure you hone your customer service skills before you open your business. Good customer service on service calls is absolutely critical for an HVAC business.

Building Your HVAC Business

Starting your own HVAC business will take some time. In addition to the essentials above, you will likely need to do things like register your business with the state and possibly the local government. You may need a business license and will certainly need business insurance.

Don’t ever let up on good customer service, though. Local word of mouth singing your praises will do more for your business than any amount of paid advertising.

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