Recognizing Weaknesses in Your Business and Tools to Correct Them

by Josh Biggs in Business on 18th January 2022

Business owners and project managers have a lot on their table. From assigning tasks, monitoring projects, setting deadlines, and ensuring that stakeholders are happy. Leaving little time to observe happenings around them critically. But this process is precious to the growth prospect of any business. 

Ask yourself if your product or services can be better. Think about your processes and see if there is room for optimization. Are your customers delighted at the rate at which you’re delivering your service? Prodding questions help you view things from other perspectives and not the lens of the industry expert that you are. 

One of the biggest undoings of any business is failing to identify weaknesses and addressing them appropriately. A SWOT analysis would help you match your strengths to opportunities, link up weaknesses and threats, and develop strategies to change them. Here are things to consider to recognize flaws in your business and tools to correct them. 

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is a company’s most valuable asset and would be a considerable growth determinant in the coming years. Brand reputation is the feeling or idea a customer has of your brand after using your product or service. It is the culmination of the customer’s interaction with your brand, from customer service during purchase to usage and after-sales experience. So it is essential to look into what people are saying or not saying about your brand.

Customer satisfaction is vital to customer retention. An excellent way to evaluate customer satisfaction is through surveys. When customers see you value their opinions and implement them, they feel invested in your brand. Your customer service and brand awareness should be a top priority to create sustainability and long-term success.  

Tools: Social media offers you a platform to tell your brand story in a unique way that resonates with your target audience. The more you grow your following, the healthier your brand visibility. A customer relations management platform is another tool that will help you collate customer data and information on a single platform. It offers you the ability to coordinate all your communication effort from one channel. 

Process Productivity

The goal for every business is to reduce costs and maximize profit. To increase profit, your company must maximize its resources. Productivity measures the efficiency of a business input against the output. So it is crucial to weigh the production resources available to you and evaluate how best to get results on time and not compromise quality. 

With technological advancements and increased customer expectations, companies need to find the right tools and strategies to work smarter. The project manager is to implement strategies to improve process weaknesses. One way to do this is by introducing tools and equipment to reduce complexities. Other methods include reducing work distractions, practicing positive reinforcement, and delegating. 


Project management apps are pivotal to improving productivity. Every team member can work on the same platform, and work silos are eliminated. Repetitive tasks can be automated with project management apps, freeing up valuable time. Communication apps help keep the team connected and updated on the latest development. 

Talent Training 

Your organization is only as good as its drivers, the staff. The need for exceptional talent cannot be overemphasized, and if you can afford this, then great. But if you’re a small business and cannot pay high salaries across the board, invest in talent training opportunities. 

Having talented employees is less about paying for them and more about offering them opportunities to grow. When you train team members, they are more productive, commit fewer errors, and are invested in the organization. To get the most of training, identify staff weaknesses and design or search for a course that matches the need. 

Tools: Use talent training course platforms like Udemy, Coursera, EdApp to create customized courses for your team. Where staff can learn at their own pace and acquire the requisite skills needed on the job. You can also implement a mentorship program to help experienced employees train young talent. 

Ask for Feedback

No matter how experienced you are, you can only get your perspective on your business. You need to ask your team and customers how they feel about your business. Feedback helps them feel more invested and shows them that you value their opinions. This communication will open you to perspectives you’ve probably not considered before. 

Tool: You will need an email marketing platform to send surveys and feedback inquiries to your team and customers. You’d also need a reporting system to log the received data. 

Embrace your Achilles Heel

Weaknesses aren’t necessarily a bad thing if you pay attention to them. Instead, they present you with a challenge that can become an opportunity. Solving weaknesses requires flexibility and strategy. Having a system of evaluation to ask critical questions periodically can be defining. 

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