Revel POS – Run Your Business More Efficiently And Row With The Robust iPad POS System

by Josh Biggs in Business on 1st October 2018

The revel is one of the cloud-based marketing platforms which integrates customers and operations channels with POS (point-of-sale) accessibility in an individual dashboard. It is fit for restaurants and shops of all volumes and gives users including a (point-of-sale) iPad POS system by combined customer management, inventory management, and social media functionalities.  There is another thing in that, the Clover Station 2018 it is for all POS system. It has huge advanced security is secured in Clover Station 2018, It has the latest PCI 5.0 certification, fingerprint login, contactless payment and EMV chip with built-in encryption.

It gives a data analytical applications which follow payment summaries, product mix, hourly sales, sales summaries, and order history. It also presents the data in graphs and reports. There are a few other characteristics include managing reliability records and gift vouchers, barcode support and mobile ordering. The business partners can manage consumers access with different user IDs, swipe cards and passwords.  The inventory management tool can control e-commerce channels and in-store to give real-time inventory data. The CRM characteristics let audience capture and record consumers data and other related histories.

Revel software

Revel gives assistance into live chat, and training videos, over the mobile. The combination with third-party associates like Apple Pay and QuickBooks is too open.

Accelerate business with strong POS technology

The entrepreneurs should access their business by using a powerful POS technology. It will useful for some kind of businesses related to quick services & bar and retail. A progressive platform to place the active back toward Quick Service while developing order efficiency. The entrepreneur prepare a menu that controls for their restaurant – allow order changes and add-ons among the sense of a key Keep a record of their genuine consumers and encourage repeat appointments managing the CRM Customer Relationship Management abilities. Configure their back and front of residence device to improve productivity.


Complete Assistance

The merchants can use it simply for their business growth because it can be manageable for the business transactions. The sales operations are clearly monitored with using Revel POS  software. As a business person, they will be able to track and control employees and inventory. They can boost their service delivery at their firms like a restaurant with a single device.

Active Service

The revel POS is useful for the business growth in many ways. The businesspersons can develop the ability of POS (point of sale) it will help to the business people to reduce their mistakes in the business and also help to increase their service speed. The business people can use this tool to manage their business, employees, other business activities and also consumer service interaction.


This software is useful to develop the business productivity as well as performance for their retail businesses. They should gain the control of all the business activities with using this tool. The business generally won’t get any kind of alerts about their business but here who are use the POS they can get the alerts especially when the business is in low, about the staff report and a few elements.

Other benefits the business people can get it by using revel POS

There are several benefits business people can get it. They are as follows

  1. Always on mode

The business people can run their business without any interruption. The consumers also feel happy with it services, the software will work like that. It is easy to manage and have many advanced features are available. The software will automatically be activated when the business needed.

  1. Table management

The business people can enhance their business by using these software tools, reproduce their restaurant’s layout with the software visual table layout to decrease order misadventures. It will accept the many kinds of payments, Effortlessly get seats, and also keep their service going easily.

  1. Discounts

The business is usually giving the discount sales based on the occasions. By using this software system the business people can generate discounts on their goods and compensate to loyal consumers. The entrepreneur can customize and build any percentage they need now from the revel POS software. The business can set up some happy time at their business to gain the customer’s attention through seasons of weak activity.

  1. Consumer display system

The business people can set up a campaign to engage their audience. The consumers are engaging to order the products. The business should provide the transparency and minimize the errors when raising consumer satisfaction. The business should use the software system to display their brand logo and message for marketing their business process.

  1. Online Ordering

The consumers are preferring online ordering. because it will save the time. So, most of the companies are preferring online ordering processes. They are supplying the products in a conventional manner. It will help to increase the consumer loyalty while building their brand equity. It is simple to manage menu products online and in the shop to get consistency. Feel a quiet omnichannel reality.

  1. Inventory Management

The business will get the inventory levels and get signals the business get moderate. Describe their things to hold them established in their inventory records and deliver them further access. So, the business should download the software inventory mobile application to grasp on eye on the stages when people are away.

  1. Cash Management

The business people should keep their business the cash flow with this software real-time view and accurate statements. Appropriate warnings and advice to keep their informed on any developments in their revenue ways. And accurately determine the EOD results for their employees.

There many other uses for the business people with this software. Like ingredient  level inventory, kitchen management, cash management, self-service kiosk etc.,


These are the most useful things for the business people, they are using to grow their business as well as to gain the consumers. The software has many uses and the tools are user-friendly for the consumers. It will gain the loyal consumers and retain the users. So, most of the business are preferring this software to grow their business.


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