RHR – RightHand Robotics raises $23M in Series B for Warehouse Development

by megan jones in News on 20th December 2018

RightHand Robotics (RHR) is founded in the year 2015, by Yaro Tenzer. The goal of RHR is to provide end-to-end solutions to diminish the cost of e-Commerce order-fulfillment of apparel, electronics, pharmaceuticals, grocery, and many other countless industries. There are many traditional robots existing in today’s world which are complex to set-up and all these existing robots are built only to serve a single purpose.

Whereas on the other hand, RHR is very simple to unite and these are versatile to various kinds of workflows, such as picking items from an ASRS, sorting batch-picked items, order quality assurance, and including items to a belt sorter. RHR is developed out of a team of researchers from Harvard Bio-robotics Lab, the Yale Grab Lab, and MIT Leading groundbreaking research in intelligent hardware sensors, grasping systems, applied machine learning, and computer vision. Each of them had experience in robotics and it is recognized that their research has got the collective potential to thoroughly transform the entire supply-chain industry. RHR is successfully bringing these latest technological developments from lab to the Warehouse Industry.

Funding Series

With Multi-stage consumer, capital Provide Menlo Ventures as lead investor, RightHand Robotics has raised $23M in Series B funding round. These newly raised funds will be utilized for the expansion of Warehouse Automation.


The End-to-end solutions that are provided by RHR are that it can automatically control any kind of item.
RANGE: Right Hand Robotics can pick and place thousands of SKUs for any item.
RATE: Right Hand Robotics can fulfill orders at very high speeds for any strong ROI.
RELIABILITY: Right Hand Robotics always satisfies the customers by delivering what they ordered.


The RightHand Robotics team is mainly focused on solving flexible, scalable piece-picking where the solution can be blended into many workflows and warehouse technologies that are alive, such as:
AS/RS tending, Auto bagger induction, Sorter induction, and Kitting.
End users of the technology include retailers’ warehouses, e-commerce warehouses, and third-party logistics providers.

Research products of Righthand Robotics

Reflex Hand
The ReFlex Hand is built based on the cutting-edge technology in a Research-Friendly package.

The package includes-
Smart mechanics authorized by adaptive and compliant fingers
Pinch and powder grasps authorized by Dynamixel motors
Joint encoders, fingertip IMUs, and TakkTile sensors for highly sensitive feedback
Collision-safe because of its robust hardware
Easy integration over any robot arm

The Products of Reflex

ReFlex 1- This is the common accessible hand in the ReFlex product line, which contains 5 DOFs and even an extra compliant palm and it costs only $3,000.
ReFlex Plus- This has Greater-performance motors compared to ReFlex 1, which contains 4 DOFs, and the attachment of proximal joint encoders in the fingers.
ReFlex TakkTile 2- Everything you get with the ReFlex Plus but TakkTile 2 contains TakkTile-sensing and position-sensing in each of its fingers.

Reflex has a few other legacy products like

  • ReFlex SF- The original Sensor-Free ReFlex gripper to match the most penurious research needs.
  • TakkTile Sensors– TakkTile sensors contains two types of products like sensor components and sensor kits.

Sensor Components includes products like

  • TakkStrip- Five sensors cast independently, And also “traffic cop” Microcontroller which allow all the 5 over I2C.
  • TakkStrip 2- Six sensors; 3 – cast independently and 3 – as an Array. And, also “traffic cop” Microcontroller which allow all the 6 over I2C.
  • TakkFast- A high-speed USB interface for TakkStrips that speaks to Linux — ROS-compatible!

Sensor Kits includes products like

  • STARTER KIT- One TakkStrip and one TakkStrip 2 cast in rubber, an interface Arduino, and wires — everything you need to get started.
  • ROBOTIQ KITS- Tactile sensors that were designed for the fingertips of the Robotiq Adaptive Grippe

With all these products and advanced features, Righthand robotics is establishing itself as a pioneer in the Robotic Market.

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