Secrets for Highly Successful M-Commerce

by Josh Biggs in Business on 27th November 2018

An m-commerce platform can be very effective to attract qualified leads for your business. Once properly aligned with a great user experience and services, you will get a chance to sell your product at each corner of the world.  Since users prefer to surf more on mobile phones than a PC. The mobile phone market is full of Android and iOS applications. It’s a golden opportunity for you to close deals over smartphone where you will get high traffic and lead conversion. You must take care of the following points for an effective Software Development. Then only you can deliver the desired services to your customers:


The first task of a user on an m-commerce platform is profile creation where they have to provide personal details such as location, name, contact, gender etc. These attributes can be used to provide personalized user experience where they will be referred with great deals and suggestions according to their profile.

If you don’t get much information try to analyze their shopping behavior and past purchases data. Once analyzed, this analytics will help you to understand their needs. Once users will get what they want, they will always stick with your platform. Also, try to collect their feedback and survey to enhance your services.

Add Product Images:

Rather than telling your customers about your product and services show them. Visualization has another impact because customers using mobile applications prefer to perceive more with images instead of reading.

Add high-quality images with multiple angles of a product so that a user can learn all specifications through images than reading about that product.  A picture quality matters. A few people leave the page if they don’t encounter poor quality images.

A survey reveals that most of the consumers like products which contain images. Ensure a few factors before uploading product picture such as low-intensity lightning, zoom-in option, multiple angles of a picture. These factors make things easier in the buyer’s personas leading them towards purchase.

Provide Discounts and other Promotions:

Every customer is looking for a great deal, so give them what they want.

It’s time to adopt the oldest strategy of businesses. Drop your price smartly and provide multiple varieties of deals, discounts, coupons. Ensure one thing- your profit. It will increase traffic on your application.

Add a special section of sale in your application which will display varieties of sale on multiple types of products. Make sure to categorize products in this section. It will lead to an easy navigation.

Add promotions type such as free shipping, easy and fast return, refer discount and prizes, because such services lead towards the delighted environment where a user will promote your product.

You can also execute seasonal and festival promotions campaign. People prefer to buy products with high saving in that period. Try to provide discounts on purchasing through a mobile app rather than a website. It will attract more users to install your application.

Add Personal Assistants:

The implementation of voice or text enabled chatbots in your application makes things easier for people to understand. These intelligent agents are the very powerful resource to convert a user into the qualified lead. The automated bots provide a quick solution to the user’s query. They are available 24/7 to provide support with the impressive functionalities like the recommendation, behavior analysis, pattern recognition etc. They suggest best deals and products to a customer depending upon their past search and purchases. You can integrate these bots in your app as well as a messenger where users can feel a better purchase experience depending upon the suggestions.

Geographical Target:

The retail market is still alive. Most of the companies target their customers geographically. They analyze customer’s pattern and which kind of product or service is needed in that location. Thus, you will have a great option for targeting local customers.

Attracting Leads through Social Media:

Several ways are present to influence your mobile application usability with social media. You just need to connect your app with any of the social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. So that users can log in into app directly with their social media accounts. This term is called as open authentication.

As we all know, everyone like a quick process. It will boost up app usability and increase the rate of customer satisfaction. The other benefit is that your customers can share the products on their social accounts. With this, your marketplace will get boosted automatically.

Just make your customers happy because satisfied customers are your best business developers. Attract users by providing discount offers, coupons or other benefits on connecting social accounts. People used to spend their free time on social media so it will bring the drastic change in your traffic rate.

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