How do we keep your data secure?

Whether you are using it for individual password management or to provide single sign on for your team, Meldium ensures your data stays safe.


Your data is encrypted securely

We use industry-standard cryptographic libraries (AES-256 and RSA 2048 bit) and keep all sensitive data on non public-facing servers. In addition, all of the data exchanged with Meldium is sent over secure (TLS) connections. This means your unencrypted secrets are not accessible in the face of an attack on Meldium.


Two-factor authentication (2FA)

By enabling one of our mobile phone authentication options, you can add a second step to log into your account beyond your password for an additional layer of protection. If you are using Meldium to manage your company’s account access, you can even require 2FA for all your employees. We recommend using this option and make it available on all pricing plans.


Strong protection against common vulnerabilities

Internal company breaches and phishing are far more likely to result in your credentials falling into the wrong hands than being targeted by hackers. Meldium has a unique ability to give your team access to applications without revealing passwords, which protects from these types of breaches.


Secure by design

Our entire mission centers upon securing your data. Using Meldium to manage your accounts and automatically log in to services makes your team more secure by enforcing audit trails on actions and making sure your passwords are strong. When people leave your team, you can be certain they won't maintain access to your data.

For more technical information about security, check out our FAQ