Seeking The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 28th April 2021

Are you seeking the best cryptocurrency to invest in? There are many tokens to choose from, all offering something a little different to each other. The best crypto to invest in depends on what you are looking for. Here, you will find an investigation into new crypto coins and the best coins to invest in. 

Who are cryptocurrencies for?

Crypto coins are for everyone. This is the simple answer. They are assets that can be invested in, traded, saved, and spent on services or goods. From companies to individuals, anyone can invest in tokens. 

This year has seen the birth of new altcoins as alternatives to the more established tokens that many online resources and news outlets write about. What are the best altcoins for 2021? If you are prepared to read a little, you will see how relevant it is to invest in altcoins. 

Hashbon and their new token

In February of this year (2021), Hashbon released their new token. It is a stable and secure cryptocurrency token with full transparency. It follows both ERC-20 and BEP-20 rules, which are the current standards in secure crypto coins. 

Hashbon themselves have been in force since 2016, and they offer a complete gateway to the world of cryptocurrency. It is a crypto payment solution for both individuals and for businesses. It supports over 30 cryptocurrencies and charges zero per cent commission on any transactions. 

Hashbon aims to unlock the opportunity of instant and convenient crypto payments both for individuals and businesses. 

The company facilitates the growth of the global cryptocurrency payment market and the use of such transactions in day-to-day life: from extending a subscription plan of a VPN or music service by users – to accepting cross-border crypto payments by companies.

This token can be tracked in both BSCscan and Etherscan and offers users distinctive features, such as low exchange rates when converting. One billion tokens will be issued, with 80 per cent of those being publicly available.  

Hashbon strives to ease and reorganise the way users and businesses interact with their crypto funds, putting into good use the years of practice and utilising the current financial systems’ flaws.

Buying with crypto or receiving cryptocurrencies from clients has never been easier, thanks to Hashbon’s user-friendly interface and massive capabilities.

How do I choose from what is on offer? 

By reading articles from and Dev, it is clear that there are a wealth of options and tokens to choose from. 

One such token that is competing in the current market is the Bitfrost/BiFi token. BiFi bases itself in the world of decentralised finance. Many token projects focus on a single blockchain; however BiFi is looking at being a multi-blockchain currency. 

Where it differs from the HASH token is from its ability to be tracked in Etherscan and BSCscan, not just one of them. This allows for greater potential. Also, with Hashbon offering HASH buyers a lower exchange rate as an extra feature built into the token, this is an extremely attractive option for investors. 

Key features of Hashbon payment gateway

Quite unique to Hashbon is the offer of zero percent commission fees on all received transactions and any withdrawals processed by payment services such as PayPal and Visa/Mastercard.It also applies to withdrawals into other cryptocurrencies.

Another notable feature that Hashbon offers is that it has an extremely fast and simple integration using only a single line of code. Even Stripe cannot beat that as it utilises seven lines. Hashbon also features a mandatory anti-fraud check before each and every transaction that occurs. This helps keep you and your money safe.

Converting into a currency is easy with Hashbon, too, either to a fiat (the standard world currencies such as GBP and EUR) or to another cryptocurrency. You can also use existing, well-known transaction platforms when investing using Hashbon. You can choose from PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Payoneer, and many more. 

In conclusion

Each cryptocurrency token and payment gateway has its own unique characteristics to consider. The altcoins that have been released in 2021 are varied and provide a real alternative to the existing tokens that are available. This makes the current climate one that is exciting, and there is a real opportunity for positive growth here. 

Hashbon’s token, along with the Hashbon gateway, are providing newcomers to this market with a simple to use, easy and fast transaction process and opportunity. They have streamlined the process and, at the same time, have continued to include the anti-fraud measures that make us feel secure along with integration with the most popular and common payment systems around today. 

All of these factors make the HASH token a very desirable crypto coin and increases its potential. From businesses wanting cross-border financial transactions to individuals wanting to pay a household bill, Hashbon provides everyone with the resource to manage their cryptocurrency. 

At a time when the number of currencies is growing, exciting opportunities are awaiting us all. From Bitcoin to BiFi, all of these coins offer something different to the investor. It is a great time to invest in tokens, and HASH has a lot to offer every customer. Although it is very new to the marketplaces, it is destined to grow and realise its potential. 

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