SEO in Bing, Yahoo and Google:

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 16th December 2020

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” Implementing SEO to your websites makes it more accessible to search engine bots that go through your website and collect information based on the accuracy of searches regarding your page. The better SEO you have applied to your page, the better the chances of people finding it through various searches on any search engine. 

Search engines, for example, Bing, Yahoo, and Google use bots to go through millions of pages every day, collecting tons of information then using such information to figure out whether the website should be higher up in results, or lower. This information includes collecting keywords similar to or referencing the most common searches regarding the website. After going through such information, the bots decide whether or not the webpage needs to be inflated in traffic terms or hung out to dry. 

How SEO is Beneficial:

Implementing SEO is a cheap alternative to the various marketing strategies in the world, SEO works as an AI, reading a web searcher’s brain and implementing keywords that help out your website by having it surface above the millions of websites that might be similar to yours. From having eye-catching catchphrases, reliable and search-related keywords, accessibility, and permeability. SEO implementation means that not only will your website be more accessible to the rest of the world, but it’ll also appeal to potential clients.  

Unlike spending half your financial income on marketing through ads, whether it’s over the internet or nearby, SEO doesn’t cost much, and learning it successfully is accessible to almost everyone with enough time on their hands. SEO consultants take one look at the website and know what to change in order to have it more reachable throughout the world. Most huge businesses out there have already figured this out and are saving tons of money by not marketing through ads, cause not only is it annoying users on the internet, but it’s also expensive. SEO on the other hand is user-friendly and a better alternative to the other ways of marketing. 

Statistics regarding SEO:

To see the statistics  of how SEO has crawled its way into the heart of every website out there, and why it’s relevance is one not to be undermined, for example, “61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.” 

Most growing businesses have SEO to thank for their growth, having an SEO expert implement his knowledge onto your website isn’t a process that you should be ashamed of having done. It doesn’t take away your authenticity and it sure as hell doesn’t make you look cheap. 

You can call a free SEO consultant to get a free SEO analysis from to give you recommendations based on real customer experiences. Not only can they help with getting your business more accessible and popular on search engines, but they also offer to help with getting your map listing out there to attract customers nearby. 

We hope to see your business out there soon, just one search away. Stay determined, stay focused, and don’t be afraid to ask for help cause no matter how anyone might seem, we all need help. Get SEO implemented to your webpage now!

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