Seo Tips for Finance Industry

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 16th December 2018

Search Engine Optimization is a method of establishing authority and relevance of the website in the search engine. It is a structuring process of a website that ensures to display content in the first place of Google search results.

It is a complex process that requires more time and analyzing skills.

The organic traffic can be acquired using SEO which is not paid through campaigns. This indirectly helps in generating leads and potential customers.

Every company requires SEO while marketing their business. But in the financial sector, it is more and more important merely with the competitive scope in the market. Exceptionally, 82% of people look for research while performing any task in finance.

Here are the tips for finance SEO:



Following links on social media is an older way and now there are many tricks and ways to follow links to any website. The links that are pointing to the site play the best part in ranking factor of Google. So enhancing links from different websites to the respective website helps in ranking top in the SERPS.

Generating more links quickly may also lead potential risks according to an algorithm.


High-quality content

Content is key and is the most important factor in SEO. For effective and good SEO, the content should be generic. Add the most competitive content that users search regularly. The should have an industry rich experience to answer a query that produces sales concerning to promote services.

Consider the most unique topic that the prospects are likely to search repeatedly even if they don’t have knowledge of a particular product or service. Explain and elaborate more probability of questions that users research in finding the best answer.



Size is not mattered in SEO. Scaling image into required dimensions prior to the posting is required. Sometimes, in some CMS, the image dimensions are not applicable, in that case cropping or resizing the image is a must. Because, if the image size is high the page speed will be slowed down.

The image name is a must to consider. Make sure to give a descriptive and unique name opposed to the generic one. Usually, the photo is saved in jpg format, image name can be modified or altered with alt text which is how Google reads it.


Mobile Optimization

Best SEO practices result in effective ranking both in terms of mobile and desktop.  According to a survey, 60% of users use the search engine on mobile gadgets. So even if it is a financial website, optimizing it to mobile is mandatory. However, if the website is optimized for mobile then it is also said to work on desktop as well.

To endure out of the crowd, connect with the target audience amidst of putting them a mobile offering. In a few bank websites, the internal pages don’t fit the screen leading to waste time in loading the page.


Don’t duplicate

Depending on the financial professionals and investors, the website style and content is varied. The offers provided by one investor is totally different from others. But in rare conditions, the financial rates and offers match which lead to a massive duplication of the content.

There is no any reason behind it but the portion of content can be merely varied with other investor targeting each other. In this case, SEO is considered individually on the basis of content.


Enhance to check technical part of SEO

The least bothered and trickiest part of SEO is a technical function.   Google expects to configure specific things in a proper method. If any website is not under that, then the Google feels it as a struggle in identifying and understanding the content and not likely to publish on the top results page. Google updates guidelines that help any business in doing things in a proper way. In most of the financial services, the websites miss out such key configurations.

Particularly, every website should have:

Unique title tag

HTTPS used


Image tags

Shouldn’t have any type of canonical issues

Header tags should be used in proper formats.

Updated robot.txt generation.

URLs with rich Keywords

Duplicate content is not encouraged.

If so any of these are missed, the SEO coordination in ranking is disturbed.


Have a definite purpose and deliverability

When writing the content for financial websites focus more on questioning instead of writing boring and lengthy paragraphs. If the URL of the web page adds any trendy statements that deliver an answer to the question. This brings up interest in the reader. Touch on the concerns which creates enthusiasm when reading. Conduct as many as possible marketing researches to understand the pain and position of the reader(financial related people).



In the present industry, the financial sector has got huge craze rather than others. For attracting their customers, many new and trendy methods have to be targeted. The most potential consumers need to be treated specially with the best offers and endeavors. The above are a few SEO tips that are to be implemented in every industry which plans exponential growth.

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