Signs It is Time to Rebrand Your Company

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 25th December 2018

You need to come up with a strong brand for your business. The brand needs to be robust, consistent and appealing. People will remember your company if you have a clear message. However, there are times when a brand doesn’t work. Therefore, you need to start coming up with a new brand that will appeal to your target audience. These are signs telling you that it is time to come up with new branding.

You want to shake off the old image

When the company has a huge name, but negative reputation, you can’t kill the company. Instead, you can start rebranding to dust off the old image. For instance, if people associate the company with racism or sexism, you can come up with ways to redirect the conversation. You might also tackle the problem head-on by showing how you are confronting these issues with your new brand. However, it is crucial for you to be sincere in your new strategy, and not only because you are running away from a bad image.

You want to tap into a new market

You might feel that you have a new market out there that is ripe for targeting. You can start rebranding to involve them. Otherwise, they might think that you are only focusing your attention on a small group of people and they will look for other companies where they feel welcome. Besides, you can’t rely only on a small group of people all the time since you run the risk of losing them all and it will pull your business down.

You are planning to expand

Even if you start as a small business, you want to see the business grow. Therefore, you think of ways to develop the company and earn more profits. In the process, you might also start rebranding because you already accomplished your previous goal. You are now on your way to a bigger goal, and you can’t retain the same branding strategy.

The market is evolving quickly

Do you remember when iPhones changed the mobile device technology game? When Apple launched the iPhone, and it became a significant hit, all other companies followed. The ones that decided not to rebrand were out of the game. You can’t expect the market to behave the same way at all times. You need to be ready when priorities and preferences change. Of course, technology is a crucial factor in these behavioural changes.

You don’t want your old brand anymore

When you started the company, you had a brand in mind, and you were successful in achieving your goal. However, you might realise at some point that you don’t want to remain there. For instance, if you thought of being a luxury brand, you might earn a lot. Over time, you might want to reach new audiences, and you don’t want to retain the same brand. It is time to start rebranding.

When you rebrand, all your marketing techniques need to change. You might want to consider using roller banners this time if you ditched them before. You can check out rollerbanners for more information regarding the use of this marketing strategy. Rebranding is not easy, but if these signs tell you it is time to do it, you need to do it.


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