Smart Saving With Energy Tariffs

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 28th February 2020

You recently got an inflated energy bill and all you can do is wonder where you exceeded the limit! Hold on. You are not the only one here. Most of us have faced this situation at least once in our life. No matter how much we save, the bill inflates. 

We have lots of good measures to reduce the bill. For example, switching to fuel-efficient lamps, reduced use of a thermostat and opting for a cheaper electricity provider. While the former two need your attentiveness, you should take the help of competitive websites for the latter. They have a good chart comparing different providers. You will get the cheapest energy deals. Only by having the right energy provider you can save up a significant amount of money and still enjoy good service. An excellent way to choose the right company is by comparing the different options there are. At Power to Choose you can obtain complete details of the best energy companies, along with their customers’ reviews.

However, other than the conventional ways, there are some off-beat ways to save more too. The UK government has introduced new energy tariffs which can be in your favor. 

Let us have a look over them:

  1. Green energy tariffs: Energy supplied to the homes is usually derived from fossil fuels or nuclear sources. One way to save big on bills is to opt for green energy. It is the energy that is derived from renewable sources like wind energy, solar energy, and hydro energy. In the UK, no energy firm supplies 100% green energy. However, they mix this with the conventional power supply. So, the consumers who opt for green energy get a higher percentage of green fuel. Since this fuel costs less, its cost is very competitive. When you opt for it, you not only get a cheap fuel supply but will also contribute your bit towards saving the environment.
  2. Online-only tariffs: The energy tariff sector needs several other features like meter reading. When you opt for an online-only tariff, you can do most of the tariff-related things online. You can do the exact meter reading. That saves a lot. Many people get high bills because their meter reading is estimated and is not accurate. Opting for online tariffs allows you to prevent this. Many energy providers also provide services like statistical analysis of your energy usage. So you know when you consume energy most. You get an analysis of the energy usage based on the timeline. You can also renew the subscription without getting any penalties. 
  3. Pay as you go tariffs: Most of us get high bills because we don’t know our higher limit. We use and use until the month ends. Pay as you go or prepaid tariffs allow you to recharge your enter for a certain amount. You have to manage your monthly energy consumption based on this limit. If you exceed this limit, you will have to recharge again. This helps to know how to reduce consumption. For example, if you recharge your monthly meter tariff for £215, you know that you have to manage under this limit. Also, you can recharge just the amount which you are going to consume. Opting this is an excellent way to save while reducing your consumption.

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