Meldium is the simplest way for teams to access the cloud services they need. By aggregating and monitoring accounts across any web service, it frees your people from tedious account management. Administrators can easily onboard new people and users can see, share and log into their apps from a central dashboard.


Anton Vaynshtok


After a tour of duty at Amazon, Anton was recruited by the founders of TrackSimple to be their first engineer. While there he wrote everything from Hadoop jobs to Flash UI. His key contribution was a system to normalize storage of advertising analytics data across dozens of vendors.


Bradley Buda


While working at Amazon, Brad wrote software that was indexing and storing 40TB of log files each day, and that was back in 2005. At TrackSimple, Brad worked on everything from optimizing Hadoop jobs to making IE7 happy, focusing on secure handling of customer data and credentials. Brad loves craft beer, poker, and the Michigan Wolverines.


Boris Jabes


Boris spent 7 years as a PM and lead working on developer tools at Microsoft. While there he was responsible for the core C++ experience of Visual Studio as well as cutting-edge tools for 3D graphics and game development. He hails from Canada and loves every minute of the California sunshine.


Meldium is backed by Y Combinator

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