Team Building Ideas For Startups

by Josh Biggs in Startup on 14th February 2020

Startups may consist of comparatively small teams, but it is still vital to build a strong relationship between each member so that they can work together effectively.

Team building is an ever-evolving science, so here are a few ideas for startups to use which can turn a disparate group of people into a tight knit clan of collaborators.

Compete In Quizzes

A quiz provides a great balance between teamwork and competition that can help employees to bond and get to know one another. There are also lots of ways to go about organising a quiz, from setting the questions yourself to heading to a quiz hosted at a local bar or pub to contacting one of the team building companies on this list so that the hard work is done for you.

You can run quizzes in the office to act as a break from the daily grind, and they are also very effective when new team members are present and you want to let them integrate with their co-workers in a fairly informal context.

The topic of the quiz is obviously important; you could make it business-focused and even based solely on your startup, you could cover things like local geography, or you could go for broader categories that everyone will enjoy such as movie trivia and pop culture.

Explore Escape Rooms

The international phenomenon of escape rooms has blossomed over the past decade and so there is a good chance that your startup will be based within spitting distance of this kind of interactive, team building experience.

One of the great things about escape rooms is that they are intrinsically linked to teamwork, yet are often more affordable than bespoke team building packages designed for businesses. If you are at a point where your budget is limited, this could be a frugal yet impactful option.

Consider Culinary Challenges

Another cost-conscious way to get employees working together in teams is to set up a cooking-centric event. This can be operated in various ways, whether you split everyone into small teams or create two larger groups to go head-to-head against one another.

Team members can work together and compete with their colleagues to create specific types of dishes, or opt to create the best possible end product from whatever limited list of ingredients you make available to them.

Believe In Board Games

The board gaming market is enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment and startups can get in on this act by supplying staff with table top challenges to complete together.

There are plenty of appealing board games that can be used for team building purposes today, such as popular title Pandemic which has managed to break into the mainstream and differentiates itself from its peers by getting all of the players to work towards a common goal. The subject matter is a little bleak, but there is nothing like pretending to try and deal with the global outbreak of an infectious disease to assist with team bonding.

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