Tech You Will Need to Get Your Electronics Business Off the Ground

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 27th April 2023

The worst thing you can be when you start a business is being scared of the tech that can get your business flying in a super quick time. In fact, you will find that the faster you embrace certain types of tech, the better and more productive your business will be. 

#1 CRM software 

Customer Relationship Management software (or CRM) is an absolute must if you want to build a lasting relationship with your customers. With this software, you can keep tabs on all correspondence you have had with the customer, know their purchasing history with your business, and have records of their payments. 

This means that you will be able to stay abreast of their account and be quick to action should they fall into arrears or miss a payment. Not only this but with some CRM software you can target certain existing customers with offers that you know they will be interested in. This can, therefore, bring in additional orders without having to pay out for more advertising.

#2 Scheduling software 

Scheduling software is a must regardless of what business you are running and no matter what size. However, for scheduling software to work particularly well, you should make sure that everyone you want to have scheduled work also has access to a tablet, laptop, or computer (or for that matter, smartphone), so that they can access it. This is because it is best used when it can be updated in real-time. 

Indeed, you will find that most employees work better when they can see a list of what is expected of them. This can be even more so if they can move their jobs onto a ‘completed’ column when they are done, or alternatively, a ‘rework’ or ‘problem’ column when there are issues. This will visually shorten their to do list; instead of feeling swamped and out of control, they will be productive and content with their workloads. This can have a big improvement on morale.

Of course, this will also help your managers and engineers, who will then be able to see at a glance where their project is on the time scale and, moreover, who is working on it and whether it is going to hit its despatch date and time.

#3 Communication software 

Your employees must be encouraged to talk to each other. This is the way that good working relationships and friendships in the workplace are formed. Not only this, but you will also see a quality rise in your employee’s work if they are allowed to talk to one another.

Of course, it is not just idle chitchat that should be happening. Getting your teams to work together and talk to each other can be an uphill struggle, especially if they see each other as rivals rather than work colleagues. In this scenario, you will find that you are struggling to hit deadlines and that there is a lot of back-biting or underhandedness happening.

Providing your teams with the correct software so that they can work together, converse regularly with each other and therefore feel more of a team rather than two teams should give you (and them) a much better working experience.

#4 Design Software

In this, you should provide them with the best software for doing their jobs. This will mean that it may take them less time to complete tasks. For instance, if your business designs PCBs then you are going to want to use specialized PCB design software, such as Eagle PCB. Not only this, but you may, in time, also want to migrate it to other design software, so having compatible design software and tools is imperative. 

Having the right software for a job will inevitably free up some of your employee’s time, as well as make their jobs less stressful and easier to complete. This has a knock-on effect for your deadlines and production times in a positive way. 

#5 Intranet system 

In this day and age, you really should have your business intranet system. An intranet system will not only keep your business and customer data safe but will also allow your employees to have access to the data that they require to do their daily job roles regardless of whereabouts they are working. 

This means that even those employees that work remotely or as hybrid workers will be able to do their jobs as if they were sitting in the office amongst your more traditional employees. 

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