The Best Explanation For The Price Mania Around Bitcoin

by Josh Biggs in Blockchain on 18th February 2021

Two most famous and well-known companies in cryptocurrencies held a public committee. One is the Securities and the second is Exchange Commission Investor, and they invited the CEO of the chain to participate in this committee.  

The main reason for this committee was to discuss Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. The CEO of the Chain Adam Ludwin talked about the importance of these currencies and how it affects the buyers and seller’s life. 

Adam shared his reviews on the whole system of Blockchain, whether it was public or private. Not only this, but he also shared his review on the price mania of different cryptocurrencies and ICO. 

He talks about all the aspects from where the Blockchain and bitcoin can affect buyers and the market sellers. According to Ludwin, we must think from the perspective of the buyer and seller. It is essential to think about them because the market is running because of these buyers and sellers. 

Buyers of Initial Coin Offerings: 

When a public meeting was held from ICO and shared their token with the public, all the people made large sums of cash. The one who was aware of the importance of cryptocurrencies buys these coins. 

The sum they made after buying these tokens was very clear, and they knew the prices would rise. And, $3 billion has been raised through ICOs since the beginning of 2017. 

The people who have invested in Bitcoin and tokens made tremendous amounts of money. Now, they are really interested in buying more bitcoins and diversifying into every new project. 

Adam Ludwin said; “If you’ve made money, you might as well say, ‘I’ll keep going.'”

On the other hand, the people who didn’t know these new technologies skipped these projects. Those people said they need to learn about these new technologies and the more confusing things will give them better results. 

Ludwin commented on this statement as, “It’s a very perverse mentality.”

Now, ICOs is hiring celebrities and talking to them to promote these technologies to everyone. People with no basic knowledge of cryptocurrency and Blockchain can learn from the stars hired by ICOs. 

The Sellers of ICOs: 

The market is flooded with projects and wants to create and issue more cryptocurrencies. There are three main reasons that Adam shared about why it is crucial to launch new currencies. 

  1. No Dilution
  2. Belief in the projects 
  3. An exit before starting

First of all, people invest in these projects because there are fewer chances of loss, and they don’t need to pay the debt. Investors are ready to invest their money in the projects because they will get more money without any extra debt. 

Secondly, the investors believe in your projects, and they share the news of new projects and tokens with their friends and family. They know the more sharing and the more chances of getting a tremendous amount of money. 

Thirdly, in the past, the companies always chose the exit option and kept it in the end. Nowadays, you can earn tens of millions of dollars before launching your project because people pay for it. 

According to Kik CEO Ted Livingston, they are also interested in launching their tokens because they want to compete with Facebook. Without launching a token, it is not possible to compete with it. Kik had raised $100 million in their token distribution event. 

Now almost every company is launching its tokens to get more investors. The ERC-20 helps people make their own tokens and makes it very easy for companies to launch new tokens. The ERC-20 standard has made adding a new token to exchange much simpler because many new tokens follow the same general structure.

According to Ludwin, he sees a bright future for these new assets in the cryptocurrency market. “The noise and the hype are even greater, in my opinion, around these enterprise blockchains,” said Ludwin.


This was the best explanation made by Adam Ludwin, the chain’s CEO, for the price mania. His review and comments made people learn about the new assets and technologies to get more money. Now, the Blockchain is helping people to understand new technologies and invest more to get more. Other companies are also launching their tokens to take part and compete with the majorities. The advantages companies and investors are getting are beyond expectations, and that’s why the words of Adam Ludiwn becomes the best explanation for these tokens. 

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