The Best Types of Businesses to Buy and Make Your Own

by Josh Biggs in Business on 2nd September 2019

Are you ready to buy a business? There are a lot of advantages to buying a business that is already established. You have a customer base and don’t have as many questions as you would if you started from scratch. You also have the ability to evaluate the current successes and pitfalls of an existing business. When you can see where a business is going right, you can capitalize on these areas. And when you can see the pitfalls, you can find solutions that may be escaping the current owners. 

By starting with an established business, you have a clearer vision of where your challenges will be and can make a plan for how to overcome them. 

But what kind of business should you buy?

1. People Need Healthy Food Choices

There are many types of healthy food business options out there with a lot of promise. Consumers will pay more for premium ingredients they can trust, whether they are shopping for groceries at a brick-and-mortar retail store, shopping online, or visiting a restaurant. 

Food is typically a smart investment choice as people will always need to eat. Specialty health-conscious food companies are where the future of food businesses is headed.  

2. Accounting Services are Always in Demand

Accounting services are vital for both corporations and individuals. As soon as most businesses grow large enough to hire out, they prioritize hiring a professional to handle their finances. There are many types of accounting practices for sale, some specializing in personal finances, preparing taxes for individuals and/or businesses, or business outsourcing. 

No one likes to shop around for accounting services. When they find a professional they can trust, they stick with them. As an accounting practice owner, this means less client turnover and a more stable, less risky, type of business. 

3. Invest in a Self-Storage Facility

Self-storage companies are not the most exciting type of business, but that’s part of their appeal. A quiet business is easier to run and maintain. 

As people are switching jobs more often, and therefore regularly moving, more and more people are looking to store the belongings they treasure but don’t want to move around with them. Self-storage is also a popular choice for those who live in small spaces or are looking to keep a living space that fits in with the trend toward minimalism. These cultural shifts are making self-storage a business opportunity worth getting in on. 

4. The Many Types of Online Businesses

When you buy an internet business, you won’t need to worry about the location or the viability of your local market. As more and more business is done online, buying a business that functions entirely online gives you a lot of options for growth. 

Common types of internet businesses on the rise are monthly box subscription services, delivery services, and specialty food shopping. 

5. Have Fun With a Party Planning Company

People hire party services to plan their parties and make sure they run smoothly. Party and event planning companies can specialize in planning retirement parties, birthdays, or company parties. They have a lot of potential for flexibility, earnings, and growth. 

Because the client will cover the cost of alcohol, food, and other purchases associated with running this type of business, the overhead will be minimal. 

Choose the Business That Feels Right to You

What are your strongest skills? Are you more at home on the computer, or walking around a physical space? Are you a people person? Do you have any passions? Are you looking for a stable and steady income, or do you like to take big swings? Is the potential for growth important to you?

The more you can list out about yourself, the clearer you’ll be able to see what type of business you’ll be most successful at owning.

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