The Best Way to Conduct a Text Messaging Survey

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 21st March 2021

Text messaging is an excellent way of reaching a large number of people directly. Many companies and organizations use text messaging to send mass messages to their clients and consumers. However, another great feature of text messaging is a text message survey.

Text message surveys allow you to reach a larger audience and conduct a survey in a short time. These surveys can be used to get feedback from your clients or introduce a new service or concept to them. They can also be used to keep your clientele engaged in earning more brownie points. A text message survey can help you conquer all charted and uncharted territories, whatever your need may be.

Why text message surveys?

Before moving on to the different kinds of text message survey options available, let’s take a look at the benefits of text message surveys and why you should opt for them.

1.       They’re straightforward:

If there’s one thing about text message surveys that your audience will love, it is how simple they are. They are easy to set up and easy to distribute amongst a large number of people. The people taking the surveys will also express how easy it is to attend them.

2.       Cost-effective:

Text message surveys do not cost a fortune and are a very cost-effective marketing method and reaching out to a large client base. A few pennies for every text will not make any noticeable differences to your wallet.

3.       Reach a greater audience:

While it may be hard to track down email addresses and social media accounts, it is pretty simple to reach out to people on their cellphones. Everyone always carries their cellphones and they read all of their texts.

How to conduct a text message survey?

There are several ways you can go about when trying out text message surveys. Two of these methods are usually the most effective and popular, which is why we will be discussing them. The first method is sending a survey link as a text message. And the other method is using broadcasting and keyword campaigns.

  • Send a link:

This is a really simple method of conducting a text message survey. All you need to do is create a survey on any online platform available. You will find several options and you can choose which one looks the best to you. Once you have a survey set up, all you need to is send it to everyone on your database.

  •  Broadcasting and keyword campaign:

Broadcasting and keyword campaigns are both used under different scenarios. You can use keyword campaigns when you want to reach out to people that aren’t already in your database. This could be a way of expanding your territory and earning new clients.

 A keyword campaign is a chain of messages triggered when someone texts a given keyword to your desired shortcode or phone number.  This survey can only be initiated by the customer.

Broadcasting can be used to reach out to people already in your database. All you need to do is send a mass message to your customers. If they choose to engage with the message, they can fill out the survey by sending your chosen keywords as replies.

Text message surveys can be really helpful when looking to gather information from your clients or introducing a new product. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this great marketing technique, you should sign yourself up for one. All you need to do is get yourself registered to send mass messages and design the perfect survey for your brand. 

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