The Best Way to Work from Home

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 17th October 2020

Working from home has increasingly been getting more popular as the years have rolled on but 2020 has accelerated this process like nothing else could have. As the Coronavirus pandemic hit countries around the world, office workers across the globe were forced from their normal habitat into working completely from home in compliance with health and governmental regulations. Many had dreamed of working from home and love it but on the other side of the coin there are numerous others who have been forced to work from home and are struggling due a lot with it. Working from home can be very different to an office and these differences can manifest into a horrid time for some. But fret not, we are here to discuss the best way to work from home and give you some helpful hints and tips. 

Start early 

One of the main issues people struggle with when working from home is getting into a routine. This is not helped by starting work at different times everyday and waking up straight into work. If you start not only your work earlier but your day you will find that you can structure and routine your day much more effectively. At work, the commute and process of getting ready before the commute can wake you up as opposed to the jarring stretch from your bed straight to your desk at home, which you can get over at Office Reality. Instead of procrastinating away in the morning you are better off getting stuck into the work that you need to earlier so that you can have the later part of the day free for non-work related activities. 


This is the biggy that people struggle with at home I think. The routine and process of going to, being in and returning from work is a big part of peoples days. For many people it has been a process they have done for decades. Now they are all of a sudden having to get used to not doing this process and instead working from their spare room or bedroom. This lack of routine can cause sluggishness, poor mental health and lack of productivity. In order to negate this, it is important that you establish a strong routine which works for you when working from home. By being strict you focus yourself and motivate yourself into a better work ethic. 

Get dressed and ready

One of the best ways to create this notion of routine is to act like you are going to work even though you are not. One of the main features of this is the process of getting showered, dressed and ready for work. This is an important way of tricking your brain into productivity and motivation which it would almost certainly lack if you stick around in your pyjamas all day. Wearing nice clothes and actually getting dressed is a surefire way of cementing that routine and getting your brain to decipher between work at home and home life when working from home. 

Regular breaks

Just like in the office it is important when you are working from home to take regular breaks. Whether you are constantly getting distracted or feeling guilty because you don’t have a manager looking over your shoulder constantly, many feel the need to work flat out during their working day when working from home. This is a fallacy which many need to regulate. It is productive for both the individual and those they are working for, for the worker to take regular breaks as it improves workflow, productivity and standard of work. Even if the break is just to make a cup of tea or coffee, this switching off for a few moments is important. 

Avoid distractions 

On the flip side of the break taking coin is avoiding distractions. Some feel guilty about losing concentration and not working hard enough whilst others actively find themselves being distracted by everything and anything from Netflix and daytime tv to social media and children running about. It is important when working from home to establish strong boundaries and avoid distractions when you are meant to be working. This is beneficial for everyone because if you do get distracted all that will happen is that you need to work later into the night to make up for it. 


This list clearly covers some main points about working from home and provides some helpful tips on the best way to work from home. It can be really difficult for some people, particularly if you are completely new to working from home and it will take some getting used to before you have slotted into the groove of it. These helpful tips and hints on how best to work from home should help to settle some of the issues you are facing but there are further issues such as establishing boundaries and other tactics that can be deployed throughout the day when working from home to make the experience better – which should also be explored. 

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