The Biggest Trends in Enterprise Software

by Josh Biggs in Software on 12th November 2020

Enterprise software is constantly evolving and expanding. As innovations to the software integrations are created, the programs become more and more powerful. The capabilities of current enterprise software systems are astounding, and they just continue to develop and grow. The following are current industry leaders in the development of enterprise software solutions. The progress being made with these software developments is changing the way enterprises function, interact with customers, and make profits. Welcoming the changes that come with software innovation is what allows companies to be successful and standout amongst the competition.

Data-Driven Systems and Success

Data-based insights are the most efficient and informed way to make business decisions. Six Sigma is a set of techniques for business success that was created in the 1980s. This tried and tested method includes organizational tools that increase profits, employee morale, and all-around improves business performance. Incito is a global professional service and strategies firm that offers award-winning six sigma consulting for businesses of all sizes. Their Lean Six Sigma approach helps companies reach their full potential with their proven methodology. It combines two of the most trusted and well-known enterprise methodologies: Lean and Six Sigma.


Incito’s Lean Six Sigma consulting helps businesses learn how to maximize their output while simultaneously minimizing their input. This saves your business time, money, resources, and labor. It also increases the value of the products and services you provide to your customers. Incito’s Lean Sigma tools and methodology make it easy to transform your business into an efficient, profitable enterprise. Their Sigma project model is comprised of five steps which are as follows: foundation, planning, coaching, deployment, and expansion. Incito’s business process consultants implement Sigma tools to unite your team members, supervisors, and business leadership. Their Sigma consultants have years of experience in achieving process improvement for large companies all over the world. Their signature Sigma methodology has stood the test of time and has successfully built off of the original Sigma methods.


Incito’s five-step Six Sigma methodology helps strengthen your team and optimize all of your business processes. As a Lean Six Sigma service provider, their goal for every enterprise they coach is to achieve operational excellence. Incito’s Sigma consultants lay the foundation for success with high visibility and assist with aligning your company’s goals with their business strategy maps and plans. The Sigma techniques heavily rely on service team training and data-based decision making. By basing your training and planning on Incitio’s Sigma analytics and data insights, you will find that continuous improvement of your business processes is more than possible — it’s right within your reach.

Optimizing Peer-to-Peer Programs

Whether your business needs assistance with fundraising, email marketing, or advocacy campaigning, a P2P service provider can help streamline all of these business operations. Engaging Networks provides peer-to-peer services with all the tools your business needs in order to effectively and efficiently promote your personal causes. The P2P networks that companies can build using Engaging Networks’ tools are crucial to their business development. Their P2P programs are easy to set up, and their innovative software solutions can handle every step of the process in order to meet each business’s specific needs.


Engaging Networks understands that peer networks, like customer relationships, are essential to a business’s success. Their P2P systems make it simple to establish P2P campaigns for garnering support and funds. As a P2P network service provider, Engaging Networks offers major advantages to companies of all sizes — even small businesses and startups. It’s never too early to prioritizes P2P and customer relationship management. Establishing strong P2P networks and systems allows companies to maintain both public and private support in the business world. Engaging Networks provides all the innovative tools necessary to build and grow these relationships, making their software the ideal solution for P2P networking.

Cloud-Based Security Solutions

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of every business owner today. With the major of business operations taking place online, especially at this moment due to the pandemic, workflows and business processes are going fully digital. Depending so heavily on technology in the day-to-day operations of a business is efficient and convenient, but it can lead to vulnerabilities if the right tools and proper security software integrations aren’t being utilized. AVC Technologies provides SD-WAN as a service, and their security software is considered the complete solution for virtual business security. SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network. Their BranchConnect+ technology allows for coverage and connectivity for wide area networks that stretch across all the branches and locations of your business.


The SD-WAN services provided by AVC Technologies is known for its network reliability and advanced functions that allow your team to streamline operations and reduce development expenses. Their SD-WAN offers an all-in-one solution for connectivity, productivity, and security in your business processes. WAN connections allow for quick and efficient growth within your company, and AVC Technologies’ SD-WAN services offer a complete solution for both expansion and day-to-day workflows. The SD-WAN technology provides users with protection for their personal sensitive information, and AVC Technologies offers around the clock support. The intensive security features available through their SD-WAN software make opening a new branch simple. As a managed service provider, their SD-WAN offers plug-and-play IT solutions. With intelligent reconfigurations, their SD-WAN is flexible and easily integrated into your business processes.

Digital Call Center Integrations

With business teams forced to work remotely during the pandemic, communications between employees — and between customers — are facing the consequences. Bright Pattern’s call center software helps your team seamlessly engage with your customers across all of your digital channels. By providing each caller with a personalized customer experience, Bright Pattern’s call center software gives your team a competitive advantage. Their powerful contact center platform almost completely eliminates downtime and helps your business achieve operational efficiency. Their priorities with their contact center software are to provide reliability, scalability, functionality, cost savings, and a great customer experience.


By removing the need for on-premise contact centers, Bright Pattern’s intelligent automation saves your company time and money. They offer all their clients automatic software upgrades, and they frequently roll out new features in order to continue offering the best call center software solutions. With physical call centers, customer interaction can only take place during business hours. Bright Pattern’s intelligent routing, predictive dialer, and other advanced features offer phone support for callers around the clock. This phone system solution uses artificial intelligence to allow you to offer the highest possible levels of availability to your customers. Their cloud-based omnichannel routing works to increase customer satisfaction during and after business hours.


Moving away from traditional phone lines, you will find increased customer engagement. This off-premise solution streamlines the customer journey and leads to increased customer satisfaction. When customers spend less time waiting for technical support and answers for their inquiries, you’ll see a significant change in the type of customer calls your physical team is receiving. Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center systems integrator can help direct traffic at all times. During business hours its automatic call distribution features powered by artificial intelligence can direct customer issues to the right agent. After hours, their call center software solutions use automation to collect customer data and provide support throughout all of your communication channels.

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