The Features to Promote About a Boutique Hotel

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 29th September 2022

Boutique hotels are becoming more and more popular these days. They offer a unique experience that larger chain hotels cannot replicate. There are several features that boutique hotels boast which make them so special. These are something that a boutique hotel marketing agency will help you to bring out if you are looking to promote your hotel.

Here are three of the most important features associated with boutique hotels.

The Smaller Size for a Personal Experience

Boutique hotels are typically smaller in size, which means that guests can receive a more personalized service. The staff can know all of the guests by name and cater to their specific needs. They will know just how to make guests feel special, and this is something that should be highlighted in advertising campaigns. It is an experience that needs to be sufficiently described to those who have never known it.

The alternative is that you can end up almost lost in a chain hotel because there are so many guests for staff to keep track of. It is to be expected that you might have to wait longer for things or not have staff asking you how you are all that often. This is one of the key differences between boutique hotels and larger hotels.

Special Locations

Boutique hotels are often located in interesting and unique locations. This can add an extra level of excitement to a vacation or business trip. Any trip does not just have to be about the city or town visited it can be about the whole experience. That is how many hotels will see it and promote what they offer to potential guests.

Guests that have been through boutique hotel experiences will generally always want to repeat them. This is because they have been so memorable when the traveler has been able to enjoy the hotel as much as the idyllic and historical sights further afield. It is not just the sightseeing that makes for a great vacation but the hotel experience as somewhere luxurious, comfortable, and different to return to.

Stylish Hotels

Boutique hotels typically have much more stylish and upscale décor than your standard hotel room. This can make a guest’s stay much more pleasing aesthetically. Themed settings will mean that guests have more of an emotional experience as well as a physical one that takes care of basic needs, such as providing a bed and a place to eat. Gourmet restaurants can provide world-class food that guests will not forget the taste of in a hurry.

We all want beautiful things to look at and this is true of the hotel and its surrounding as much as where we venture out to. It is the complete package that most travelers will be looking for when they go away on vacation.

When we have decided on the hotel experience it is important that it adds something and does not just become an expense that is part of our vacation or business trip. It can be so much more than that with a boutique hotel. The focus is very much on the customer and them enjoying their time inside the hotel as much as outside of it. The best hotels will know how to keep guests inside them because they provide the right entertainment and food and get things just right. Then the hotel can look forward to the very positive feedback that is posted and said about it later on social media.

If you are thinking about promoting a boutique hotel, these are three of the most important features to highlight. Boutique hotels offer an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. When guests stay at a boutique hotel, they are sure to have a memorable time.

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