The Guide To Becoming a Merchant Services Agent/ISO

by Josh Biggs in Ecommerce on 6th June 2021

Have you ever wanted to operate as a merchant services agent or Independent Sales Organization? You can enter the lucrative and growing field of credit card processor reselling without as much effort as you might expect. It is an exciting world that could be highly profitable if you plan everything right. 

As a merchant services agent, you will link to a bank or card processing team that can support businesses from all fields. You will help businesses and other clients who need assistance finding merchant services accounts.

The industry can be stressful and tough to manage. You might be subject to quotas in some situations. But the potential profits you can get from your sales efforts will be worthwhile. Here’s a better look at how you can become a merchant services agent or ISO. 

Understanding the Work

Your work as a merchant services agent or ISO will entail these points:

  1. You will work with a buy rate provided by the bank or processor you support.

The rate is the one that the bank will charge for credit card processing efforts. You are in charge of offering this to prospective clients.

  1. You will then add a reseller upcharge to the buy rate.

For example, a bank may have a buy rate of 2.5 percent plus 10 cents per transaction. You can produce an upcharge of 2.8 percent plus 15 cents. The additional 0.3 percent and 5 cents on each transaction will go to you. You can plan whatever upcharge you wish, but you must ensure it is sensible and that your bank will be fine with the work.

  1. You must promote the rate to businesses looking for merchant services.

You can highlight a service provider as you see fit. The goal is to make the service appealing enough to where someone will want to work with the company.

  1. The bank will let you sign up as many people as you wish.

You can repeat this effort as often as necessary. You’ll receive a greater profit if you sign up more people. You will also keep collecting money as long as those members stay with your service.

The merchant service bank will provide a form you can fill out if you want to become a reseller. You will require some verification details to confirm your identity. You could also directly talk with someone at the service bank if you have further questions on what you’re going to get from the work at hand.

Joining the Right Bank

You must look for a bank that will hire you as a merchant services agent or ISO. You must talk with a bank that will support various processing efforts. Check on everything a bank offers first, including:

  • Its security functions
  • Its customer service efforts
  • How long the bank has been in operation
  • Experiences the bank has in establishing new deals
  • What equipment or resources the bank will provide you for your work
  • The buy rate the bank provides
  • Any monthly sales quotas you need to meet

What Will a Bank Provide?

The bank you serve will provide many things to help you promote its merchant account services. These include:

  • Marketing materials; you can customize them as you wish
  • Details on all the products and services available
  • Access to a customer service department that can answer your questions
  • A dashboard that lets you review how well you are handling transactions and how much money you are earning from your clients

What To Do When Getting Ready For Work

You must ensure when handling your merchant services work that you know what you’re doing when promoting your content to others. Failing to meet your applicable monthly sales quota could cause you to lose your position.

You can succeed by doing a few things:

  • Be aware of how credit card processing works. Take note of everything the bank you’re supporting offers.
  • Figure out a niche you wish to follow. You can specialize in that niche and use it to promote whatever someone offers. You can expand your knowledge base after a while, but the niche is the main thing you will manage in your work.
  • Establish a brand for yourself. Make your ISO look professional and knowledgeable. A well-run brand will be easier for clients to remember, especially as they recommend your work to other people looking for merchant services.
  • Plan a good enough schedule for how you’re going to handle your work. While you can work at home and establish your own hours of operation, you should still put in enough effort. Be sure you treat this effort with care so you can be profitable.

What Can You Earn?

There are no standards for how much you could earn as an independent sales rep agent . But your ability to produce more clients can influence what you’ll get from your work.

For example, you might get $50 each month off of one person who enters your program. That can add up to $600 a year if someone stays with your endeavor.

But you could get even more if you have enough people who sign up with you. If you had 25 people who get you $50 per month, you’d get $1,250 per month or $15,000 per year. That total will keep on rising if you bring in more clients.

The amount can also vary surrounding how much revenue each client collects. Some clients might have downturns where they don’t bring in as much money as they would hope. You can still receive a good amount of money from your work, but the rules for what works can vary. The user dashboard your merchant bank provides you can help you see how well you are managing your funds and that you have a good plan for what works here.

Being a merchant services agent or ISO can be rewarding if you plan everything right. Look at how well you’re running your ISO efforts, and be sure you can tell what fits your business.

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