The Importance of Video Content on Social Media

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 18th May 2021

People spend a third of their free time watching fun or educational videos on the web.

Video is an integral part of every main social media platform. This blog post explains why your brand needs video content on social media and how to do it.

The power of video content on social media and how it can help your brand

It’s hard not to acknowledge the importance of video marketing for your business when, according to statistics on HubSpot, 72% of users would rather watch the video than read the text. A good social media video will help promote your brand, attract new customers, and increase company loyalty.

Video content brings a brand closer to potential customers. Social media videos can tell about the values of your brand, solve problems of your potential and regular customers, educate, motivate, and amuse. All this builds positive and trusting relationships with clients.

You will get more traffic for your business page using videos on social media. This will positively affect the promotion of your site and increase your sales. Wordstream did some research among marketers and according to their data video marketing can boost company income by 49% per year

So, marketing videos are an effective solution for those who want to expand their business and increase profits.

Types of video content and how to apply it to your marketing strategy

Before making a video, you should decide what you want to achieve: increase sales, draw attention to the exclusivity of your products or services, gain customer confidence? 

Once you determine the actual business problem you want to solve with the help of social media content, you may easily choose the type of video content from this list that will help you to do this.

Demonstration videos

This type of content presents a product or service to your potential buyer. The demos aren’t advertising  — they just show the product.

Educational videos

This content shows the customer what problems the product can solve and how to use it correctly. These are all kinds of masterclasses, lifehacks, useful chips, and pitfalls.

How can this be useful for you? You respond to users’ search queries with these videos and end up in organic search results.

Brand videos

This type of video complements the main advertising campaign. Usually, a brand video talks about the idea, mission, and values of the brand, so you should intrigue the target audience with an unusual storyline and a catchy slogan. 

Video reports

Show the development and activity of the company. The video tells about the results of presentations, conferences, thematic exhibitions, and their impact on customer service.

Reviews in video

Show how your product or service works. Most likely, Internet users will look for reviews about products or companies before buying something for the first time on any new site for them. Reviews from real customers, who have already used the product, can be compelling social proof. 

For a business that provides services, videos with detailed information about what was the client’s problem, how it was solved, what difficulties they encountered are more relevant. 

Answers and questions

With this content for social media, you can answer the questions that buyers are interested in. This can be a video FAQ or live streaming to communicate with potential buyers in real-time.

How-to videos

Online shoppers often find it difficult to make the right choice when it comes to purchasing. Help them, and they will be grateful to you.

Ideas for such videos can be helpful tips and tricks for using a product or service. Explain how to wear and combine, where to store and how to use it. Anything that seems obvious to you may not be clear to other people.


Part of the video marketing strategy can be communication with professionals, well-known experts who have a good reputation and whose opinions can be influential, or just staff members.

This trick will not only help improve the company’s image but can also lead to profitable partnerships in the future.

Selling videos for social media

If a call to action is added to a product demo, it becomes a promotional video. Selling strategies are used for this content, so focus on the advantages of the product, motivate viewers to buy, and convince them to choose a product or service from you.

Social media platforms for video marketing

Social media importance for business lies in attracting new buyers and getting feedback from their clients. It’s necessary to draw up a marketing strategy for promotion in social media in advance.

To create a popular video for any platform, you need to think about: the idea of the video; production (the place where the shooting will take place); inventory; post-production (editing, special effects, music).

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube are united by the following rules of any video: frames should be changed every 3-5 seconds and focus the audience’s attention. But it’s necessary to choose the right type of video for a specific social network to achieve your business goals.

Each social network has advantages and disadvantages for business promotion. Before you shoot a video, you need to choose one where the video will be posted.

Choosing the right social network depends on your target audience. If you are looking for potential buyers among teens and people under 30, then it would be right to register a business account on Instagram or TikTok.

If you offer B2B services or products, then Facebook will be the right choice for you because this social network is focused on creating quality business content.

YouTube is an example of social media where users are looking for informative videos, so advertising videos aren’t a good idea for content here.

How to make high-quality and interesting videos for each social network?

First, you need to choose the social network where you will post videos, as each of these sites has different requirements for content. Then you may find more info about social media video tips and strategies for brands on the internet.

Instagram is an extensive social network with the function of a powerful advertising platform. Requirements for video content on Instagram: 

  • Video posts up to 60 seconds;
  • Stories – up to 15 seconds;
  • Live broadcast – up to 1 hour.

The best formats for Instagram video are landscape (1.91: 1), square (1: 1), or vertical (4: 5). You may use InShot, iMovie, or any other special program to mount video.

Live videos, educational videos, company stories, video instructions are the most popular among Facebook users. Facebook will automatically play the video in silent mode, so it’s right to add subtitles to the video and choose an attractive picture for the intro.

This social network allows you to place a CTA button. This encourages additional interaction. For example, you can give a link to your site and urge the target audience to go to it.

Instagram and Facebook are good for short videos. According to expert’s opinions, 20 seconds long videos are almost always watched to the end. 

The maximum time for such content can be 2 minutes because then the audience loses interest. In addition, the length of the video affects its size. This matters because many social media platforms, such as Instagram, don’t work with videos larger than 4 GB. 

It’s known that the resolution in a video has a direct impact on the actual file size. The lower the resolution, the smaller the file size. So, if you want to edit a long video without losing the quality of the recording, then you may be interested to know more about how to change video resolution and get a file of a valid size.

YouTube specializes in videos, so the requirements for the quality of the content are higher for this social platform than for others. It’s desirable to add video in two formats for YouTube — broadcast (1080p, HD) and MPEG-2 (with the MPG extension). This will provide maximum flexibility for encoding and playback.

Use the most useful and informative content: education videos, reviews, how-to videos, etc., and don’t forget to structure the videos in your channel/account. 

To get a good result, you need to use all the opportunities to communicate with the target audience. Social media is the fastest and most efficient way for this.

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