The purposes of email verification and its features

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 22nd October 2020

To ensure better high volume email deliverability, companies require checking the addresses where information is sent to. It provides unwanted bounces as well as removes emails that are invalid or not used any longer.

The purposes of checking emails

Before sending an email to a particular recipient, it is crucial to check whether the address is valid. Some users may have different email addresses; hence it can be abandoned or passwords being forgotten. Consequentially, the prospects for the letter reaching the potential customer might be bleak. Using verification of emails with helps to eliminate this problem completely. Additionally, an effective process of verifying email addresses allows reducing time, which is taken to be engaged with prospects as well as potential candidates. Purposes of checking emails can be defined as follows:

  • Validates key demographics of potential recipients;
  • Ensures list cleaning services;
  • Eliminates bounces;
  • Allows to remove outdated emails;
  • Fulfils marketing needs for any company;
  • Provides a high level of accuracy behind the contact list;
  • Segments the list by its validity types.

The purposes mentioned above are extremely useful for various organizations, and it can be used regularly. It is used mainly by incorporated bodies such as financial companies, call centers, email brokers, marketing companies and data centers. Emailing checking procedure ensures high efficiency in terms of delivering information sent via an email with great accuracy, whereas by validating key demographics provides the base for reaching the exact recipients that a company needs.

Features of email checker

There are various tools, which are available on the market today. However, not all of them are capable of delivering the desired result that guarantees one hundred percent satisfaction. For that reason, before choosing a tool for verifying email address, it is recommended to have a look at features more closely. Features of a specific email checker are the genuine indicator of what it is capable of and what potential results it will bring in the end. If an incorporated body, which uses the tool, requires getting the maximum out of it, then the following list of features should make the priority when such a tool is chosen:

  • Existence of trailers to carry out small tests;
  • Ability to save searches and extracting these searches;
  • Unlimited scans queues is a must-have;
  • Integration with various platforms;
  • Free emails scrappers;
  • CSV downloads;
  • Social networks scrapping
  • Credit rollover or pay as you go options to make payments;
  • Individual profile finder by the use of emails;

Suppose the email checker complies with the criteria mentioned above and has some additions custom features. In that case, it can be definitely such a tool that will be ideal for work with constantly. It will definitely ensure the highest level of productivity and effectiveness. Decent email checker facilities should also include the features of various payment plants and provide exceptional value for money based on search volumes.

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