The What and Know Hows of PostScan Mail Virtual Address

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 2nd October 2018

Curious about how PostScan Mail can help you with building your virtual address? If you do, you better check this article because this article will cover every bits and piece you need.

What is a virtual post address? 

A virtual post address is pretty self-explanatory. It is a postal address that is virtual. A virtual post address is sorely needed if you want to have a postal presence for your company on U.S. ground.

Without an explicit postal address, your company will not have a place on the international business lounge simply because your international customers will not have a place to send their posts to.

Sure you go on ahead and use the regular postal address in your business information, but doing so requires physical space. Some people have physical spaces to spare while some do not have them.

A virtual post address is very much needed if you found yourself lacking a physical space to store your posts in.

How does it work?

It works as a physical post address would. You register for a virtual post address, your customers (or everyone else) send posts to said virtual address, and not long after you receive the posts, you can read it, forward it, or throw it away.

Visit the PostScan Mail for more information. You can also visit the website if you want to know more about their virtual address service.

So, it is an E-mail?

Pretty much like that. However, E-mails are a bit limited because you can only send texts and media using it. With a virtual post address, you can send a whole lot more than just body of writings.

You can have physical items shipped to you using a virtual post address. It is indeed a convenience that an E-mail cannot have.

Why should I choose PostScan Mail instead of other company? 

Because PostScan Mail services are cohesive and easy to understand. It is a mail server solution that is fully managed by a team of professionals. You can be sure that the company is there for your convenience only.

If that is not enough, there is one more thing that might entice you: consolidation of items and packages. More often than not, when you are sending more than one items, you will need to pay a different shipping fee for each piece.

If you decide to use PostScan’s service, you will have those items consolidated, meaning you will pay a reduced amount of shipping fee.

If you are still not persuaded with a virtual post address, then there is something that needs to be told. A postal address is an address in which all of your physical posts will be delivered to. Things such as postcards, packages, and many other material things will be delivered to the postal address mentioned.

Now having a physical postal address is not a big problem IF you are not one to move around. If you are one someone who likes to move around, you will need to set up a new postal address if you do move from your old place. That can be a very tiring thing to do.

With a virtual post address, you will never need to set up a new postal address even if you move from your old location. Every real post will then be sent to your virtual post address, and you can manage your posts using an easy to use application. Whether you want to read it or you want to destroy it, a single click can help you achieve it.

A virtual post address also addresses one underlying problem with a physical post address: the privacy of your home address. More often than not, you will share your postal address with your home address. One can only imagine how dangerous it is to have your home address exposed to the folks. There might be sick people who are willing to do some bad things at your house. With a virtual post address, you can avoid it altogether.

Your safety is almost paramount

Having a package sent to you directly can be a perilous thing. You cannot be entirely sure that the one who delivers the package to you (a.k.a the postman) is a person with evil intention or not. You will not find such problem if you are using PostScan Mail virtual address because they will check your packages first before they give it to you.

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