Theme based Prosthetic Arms developer – RIOT Games raises $6M

by megan jones in News on 4th January 2019

Riot Games was founded by Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck in the year 2006. The headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California and today the company is spread around the world with 23 offices. The intention of Riot games was to bring video games with a change and to support the players. The first game title League of Legends was released in the year 2009 worldwide. Soon after the launch, it became the most played computer game in the entire world and it was a key driver to the explosive Growth of Esports.

Since then, League of Legends has improved and evolved to bring great experience to the players.

Funding through Venture Round

Recently in the venture round, Riot Games has raised $6M with Benchmark, FirstMark, Tencent Holdings as the lead investors. With this newly raised amount, the total funding of the company amounts to $21M. As per the co-founder Marc Merrill, this newly raised funds will be utilized for the global expansion and inclusion of new technologies to enhance the gaming techniques.

Manifesto of Riot Games

  • Player experience first
    Riot always cares for and obsess about the player’s experience. Riot games extend its wide support right from the player’s first game installation to the most recent game downloaded and also in esports broadcasts.
  • Challenge Convention
    Riot Games embraces productive conflict in a way to understand the new perspectives which help to derive the best possible solutions.
  • Focus on talent and team
    Talented Rioters are the only key to anything and everything that is done. Riot seek value results and impact over seniority or titles. Riot build motivated, goal-oriented, collaborative teams which organize on solving the true problems for players.
  • Take play seriously
    In Riot, a game is not just a game. Games are always the most important part of the lives of Rioters and so the Rioters are proud Gamers. Rioters follow the process of playing lots of games especially on their own and hence, the result is, it always delivers player value by understanding what players value the most in a game.
  • Stay Humble, Stay Hungry
    Riots humbly seek, accept, and encourage feedback from the players. Rioters always help each other to improve the game by being honest and open. Honesty will be always prioritized among Rioters. Rioters are the self-motivated individuals who are never done and they are always open to learning more and will do more for players.

Values of Riot Games

Diversity and Inclusion
Riot Games aspires to admit the perspectives and diverse experiences of almost every Rioter so that they can retain and attract the best customers, Pursue strong ideas, and deliver the best potential experiences to its users all over the world.
Action items

1. Educating Riot Leaders – Leaders of the Riot are the stewards of the company’s culture. The Diversity and Inclusion team educate its managers and leaders regarding the consequences of bias in the Workplace although unintentionally and also to ensure an inclusive work environment.
2. Empowering diverse Rioters – RIGs (Righter identity groups) are working towards the empowerment of the neglected sections irrespective of the race, Gender, People with disabilities, LGBTQIA.
3. Talent Development – Committed towards the continuous improvement including the career progression and performance management, Riot Games analyses its development process and helps the Rioters to advance and grow in the Organization.


In today’s world, the gaming industry is the hot cake. Riot Games is been launched with the best agenda which is the main reason for its success. It’s Humble, Honest and dedicated approaches are the key to its progress. Riot being the most user-friendly to the players has come up with many innovative ideas with the best games and today it is expanding all over the world being the master. People can happily browse, install and play their favorite games. Happy Gaming.


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