Tips for Senior-Level Recruiting

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 10th May 2021

Senior-level positions are critical to your company because of the strong impact they have on the business as a whole. Executive roles are responsible for important daily decisions and are the leaders of your organization. 

They can also be challenging to hire. We talked to top executive recruitment agencies and asked for their advice. Here are their five tips that will help you find the best senior-level candidate for your organization.

The Candidate Fits With the Company Culture 

You’re looking for someone who will is motivational — someone who will have a positive influence at the senior level. Finding someone who shares the same vision, values, and overall company culture of your organization is essential. You can determine whether candidates share your company culture during the interview process. By asking questions about how they operate and function as a team and what they value in work will help you see if they’re a cultural fit or not.

You Both Have Similar Long-Term Goals 

The ideal candidate will provide consistency and stability within your company. Such traits will ensure the long-term success of any organization. When you’re interviewing candidates, always ask them what their long-term and short-term goals are — where do they see themselves in six years? If you want to hire someone who will establish themselves within your company, you’re looking for clear answers that align with your six-year strategic plan.

Don’t Forget Internal Candidates 

You probably have employees that have been working at the company for several years. They may know more about the internal workings of the place than you might think. Don’t forget to consider the internal candidates. The perfect person might be sitting just down the hall from your office.

Offer Adequate Compensation 

This is a long-term role that requires a lot of hard work and overtime. You’ll want to ensure you’re offering the right salary and package to attract the best person for the job. Provide a competitive salary and benefits package, flexible hours, vacation time, growth opportunities, and more.

A Positive Outlook 

You’re looking for someone who can pull the entire organization through tough times as well as good. They must exhibit outstanding leadership skills and a positive outlook. You’re also looking for excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills. Other employees will look to this person for guidance, so they must utilize their positivity and natural ability to collaborate during challenging situations.

Work with a Professional Recruiter 

Working with a professional recruitment agency will save you a lot of time and effort with the senior-level job search. When you work with a recruiter specializing in executive-level positions, you won’t have to worry about finding that needle in the haystack. The right agency will have years of experience and know precisely how to look for the best leadership skills, hands-on experience, and value alignment. 

Recruiting a new senior-level position is exciting for any company. It’s also a long and rigorous process. By paying attention to these tips, you’ll have a brand new top-level employee in no time. 

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