Tips for Working on The Go

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 16th November 2020

One of the greatest things about earning a living from blogging is that you can work from wherever you like, whenever you want!

Although this way of living and working is incredibly liberating, it’s also tough to get used to when you’ve been working office hours in one fixed location for most of your career. With some planning, you can ensure that your life is the carefree adventure that you want it to be, without falling behind on your work.

Make the Most Out of Your Trips

A popular reason that people want to make a living from blogging, or indeed any online enterprise, is that not being tied to a particular location means that you can indulge your wanderlust and travel to your heart’s content.

Travelling is at its most rewarding when you have planned what it is that you want to see and do and have a rough itinerary in mind, without being too rigid and allowing plenty of ‘off’ time too. This way, you can be sure to make the most out of your trips, and you don’t risk wandering around a strange town wondering what to do with yourself!

Do some research on your location and work out what you want to do and where you want to eat. It’s also worth considering if there’s anything in your destination that you could use in a blog post. This doesn’t only apply if you are writing a travel blog. If you are writing a food blog, you could talk about local delicacies, for example.

Use your itinerary to dictate where you stay – you don’t want to spend the whole time commuting in and out.

Take the Time to Plan Your Travel

Although there is a romanticized image of travelers just picking up and leaving on the first flight they see, the reality is that doing that would actually cause a great deal of anxiety for most people! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a solid plan in place so that you know what you are doing.

Some things to think about are:

  • Your bank card. Be sure to get a bank card that is accepted in the country you are visiting, and that doesn’t charge too much for withdrawals.
  • If you are visiting another country, take the time to learn a few phrases so that you can do things like navigate public transport and find your hotel.
  • Plan how you are going to get to the airport. You don’t want to miss your flight! If you are driving to the airport, ensure that you book your parking in advance. It’s possible to access Orlando airport short term parking via an app, where you can find, book and pay for your parking all in one transaction.
  • Be sure that you stay somewhere that has a reasonable space for you to work. Working on a laptop from a bed is fine for a day or two, though if you are staying over for a longer period, you might want something a little more comfortable.

Set Realistic Goals

When you are working and travelling, it’s important to realize that you may not have the same amount of time to get your work done as if you were staying in one place. Consider this as you are setting your goals for each day.

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