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Tips on Setting Up Remote Offices for Your Staff

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 11th June 2020

In recent years, the idea of working from home or remotely has become more popular than ever. Not only have the self-employed been utilising a home office set-up for some time, but the recent covid-19 world pandemic has shown many businesses that there are jobs that can be done remotely.

However, for a home or remote office to be efficient and effective, it must be set up correctly. This doesn’t mean any form of hi-tech office, but there are some things you can do to make it more user-friendly. We’ve put together some tips that will help you set up remote offices that are effective.

The Right Space

Whether you are setting up for someone to work from home or from a remote office location you need to make sure they have the right space. A spare room in someone’s home is always a sensible option of home working is the idea, but you need to make sure they will be comfortable working there.

You could offer them a new desk and chair, for example, to help set up the office, and if it’s a remote office in a commercial building then it’s worth checking they have the facilities your staff will need.

Good Connectivity

There are many advantages to working from home but there are also potential pitfalls. One essential factor to consider is the necessary broadband connection.

Most homes will have one – and remote offices certainly will – but who else is using it during office hours, and is that going to be a problem? It might be worth checking the individual’s broadband connection and if you are intending them to work from home, to offer an upgrade to a business connection as part of the deal.

Online Security

The subject of online security is one that needs to be approached with great attention to detail. A home network may not be as secure as that in your office, and if you are setting up in an already-active remote office, there may be a connection that is shared with other users.

This can be less than fully secure, and this is one reason why you should consider engaging the services of experts such as AvarTec, Inc to help with your remote computer network set up, as well as telephony systems. They are experts in cybersecurity and can help make everything as secure and efficient as possible, which should be a priority for any remote working solution.

The Right Software

Working remotely may require different software packages to be utilised, including those that allow face to face video conferencing. There are many that can be used efficiently and that offer the opportunity for group conversations, and these should be investigated for their suitability.

There’s also the need for training the personnel who are to use these systems, so that is something you need to factor in when considering the remote office situation. While on the subject of software, there are also solutions that can be used to track users who are online or otherwise, which can be especially useful for knowing who is doing what and when.

The above are just a few of the tips that may come in useful when you are setting up a remote office working location for your team, and in summary it’s essential they have a private place to work with limited interruptions, as well as the right equipment and security in place.

One final tip is to also ensure that you have help to hand should there be IT problems as this can be a concern when personnel are not working from a central office location.

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