Top 10 Branding Tips for your company

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 28th September 2019

Is there anybody who is unaware of brand names – Apple, Amazon and Google. Of course nobody right!!! These are the most reputed brands across the world.

Why does Apple, Google and Amazon are standing out from the crowd? Why do these companies are generating high ROI? Because, these brands concentrate more on brand promotions. 

Do you want your business to stand out from other businesses? Then you need to promote your brand in the best possible way to attract customers.

Don’t just rush, many people promote their branding in the wrong way. They think branding is just about designing the logo and defining a tagline. If you’re following the same rule, then it’s time to take a turn to the right path. At the initial step, identify the goals and vision of our business. These can boost and strengthen business to the next level.

One of the most affordable ways to promote your business can be, considering custom coffee sleeves. Yes, you heard it right. The true fact is, a personalized coffee cup can get the attention. Also, keeps the company’s message in potential customer’s hands.

Looking for tips to promote your business? This article will help you. Following are hand-picked tips for promoting your brand.

Define your brand

Be it a product, service or an organization – It’s important to define your brand. Once you define the brand, then everything will fall accordingly. You can easily build a strong foundation for every marketing strategy.

Think beyond your company logo, products or service. Define a mission that represents your company.

  • What story would you like to share?
  • Who are your potential customers?
  • Where are your customers are from?
  • What kind of user experience do they prefer?
  • What customers are expecting from you?

The list goes on and on… Find answers for all these questions and get prepared for defining your brand.

A powerful brand identity can become one of the critical groundwork for improving your potential customer loyalty and retention. Also, defining your brand can give you a competitive advantage.

Unique selling proposition

Have you ever heard about the term “Unique Selling Proposition”? Many times right. It is an amazing marketing strategy to run successful ad campaigns. 

USP is also called a unique selling point. It is a powerful factor that differentiates products or services from competitors, such as low price and high quality This is the process to convince customers to switch from one brand to another.

What makes your business stand out from the rest? By providing unique products or services can improve your brand.

Have a good name and design a high-quality logo

It’s no secret, a strong brand can easily be recognized. The question is, how can you get recognized? Here is the answer for you!!! Brand recognition begins with a strong name and an attractive logo. The brand name will be displayed on your website, business cards, promotional materials and pretty much everywhere either online or offline.

Have you seen a brand without a logo? Absolutely no. There are not any. A quality logo can have a great impact on your business promotions. Therefore you should design an outstanding logo with a good brand name.

Consider your targeted audience while designing your company logo. Because your logo should reflect your business. A quality logo can build trust among the audience. And designing a strong logo can make unique from others.

Business cards

Most entrepreneurs are working on a strict budget from the past few decades. The advertising budget can be less, yet you should a perfect medium to retain new customers. 

While the internet is ruling the world, most people forget about the traditional methods of advertising. But leaving the fact behind, even paper advertising process will work amazing. A business card is one of the paper advertising approaches to reach business prospects.

Design your business card as you wish. A perfect business card can be a combination of the right colour, design and font. You can choose from a wide range of designs available online. Present business details on them, however, your brand logo and tagline can help you. Don’t forget to display your products and services along with contact information.


It’s time to improve your business with a website!!!

As an entrepreneur, you should identify, where are your potential customers are from. But what if your customers know your brand name, product or services, but there is no way to reach you? Sounds like a horror story right.

While living in this digital world, having a website is mandatory for small and large businesses. If you’re running a business and doesn’t have an online presence, then probably your losing great ways to grow your business.

A website can be the best marketing material for small business. By looking at the website one cannot judge the size of the business.

A website has an outstanding reach when compared to other advertising techniques. Also, it can establish trust and increase brand credibility. Spend a few dollars and spread your presence online too. A professional website can attract search engines and customers.

Design quality products and provide amazing services

Whether you’re buying a laptop or mobile phone, you always prefer to purchase high-quality products. Now think from the customer’s perspective. Even your customer’s prefer quality products at a cost-effective price.

With millions of options available online to customers, you might have still wondered whether the quality is important or not. The answer is “YES”. Quality is not just about providing great features and services, but you can gain a reputation for consistently delivering amazing customer experiences that can be above and beyond. Hence managing product and services are crucial for your businesses.

Think about the company Apple. This brand offers iPhone, iPad and MacBook. The selling ratio is high. Now, take a minute to think about food portals such as McDonald’s and Pizzahut, these are the mouth-watering food destination to order food.

These brands are keeping quality factor as a prior goal and providing excellent services to their customers. Think about your customer’s, start designing great products and provide amazing services to run a successful business.


Email signatures

Email is playing a vital role in email marketing. But a piece of the puzzle is still missing. Can you guess? It’s optimized email signature. Did you optimized your email signatures? If no, then stop wasting your time. Start optimizing your email signature. Like a call-to-action button on the landing page, a strategic email signature can have a great impact on your audience.

Email signature strategy is one of the best ways to adapt more conversions. Apart from lead generation, it can support registrations, downloads, increase page traffic and improve social media engagement.

Design a catchy email signature that attracts your prospects. Make sure to include your name, brand name, contact details, tagline and a website link. At the end of the email signature, you can also include your products or services.

Social media

How much time do you spend on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? 3 to 4 hours a day. Do you know, 2.35 billion people are using social media every day? Unbelievable right. Social media is the fastest-growing media in history around the globe.

Have you ever heard about “Social media marketing”? Many times right. It is the process of driving traffic and conversions to your website through social media channels.

If you’re not on social media, create a business profile right now. Upload your brand logo as a profile picture for users to identify you. Start posting your products or services images and let the world know. If you’re running any discount sale, then post the sale date, offer and terms and conditions. Build an emotional connection with your audience.

Set up a referral program

Generally, people trust friends more than a stranger. The same way, word-of-mouth recommendations have great impact on people when compared to other advertising methods.

Take your promotion step ahead by implementing a referral program. Many marketers identified, customer referral plans are the best method to encourage an ideal customer to refer (friends and family).

Conduct referral program and promote your brand in an easy way. If a customer purchases your product, offer them something i.e discount, free gift, cashback, bonus points and more. Ask them to refer their friends to avail these offers.


Be consistent

Consistency is the key to promote business. Make sure your customer’s watch you consistently across all channels. You should maintain consistency while promoting your brand on social media, phone calls, marketing materials or face-to-face communication.

Maintaining brand consistency can make your audience recognize and connect with your business. Publish at least one post a day,  As a result, it can build trust and credibility.

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