Top 4 Social Media Audit Tools For Free

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing, Marketing on 26th October 2019

If you’re a business owner, especially seeking to enhance your online presence, you’re probably already aware of the power of social media in growing and expanding your audience. With social media you can promote your business, engage with customers, and let the world know what you’re offering.

But there’s so much more to running a successful social media page than putting out posts. Like building and maintaining a website, there are certain performance metrics you need to be aware of and monitor. Whether its #hashtags you should be using in Instagram and YouTube, or monitoring trending social media topics you can somehow direct towards your business.

With social media audit tools, it makes these things a lot easier, and more. So in this article, we’re going to look at 4 of the best social media audit tools, that are free (or offer great free tools, with optional subscriptions). You can also check out this useful social media audit template from Report Garden including a checklist of things to focus on. 


Whether you’re a budding YouTube entrepreneur or a business owner with some creative video ideas to showcase your business, TubeBuddy is a great audit tool for general purposes. It comes as a simple Google Chrome extension, which then automatically begins to evaluate a lot of important metrics related to your YouTube channel.

Perhaps the best thing about this is that it integrates with the YouTube dashboard itself, so you can continue using the regular YouTube dashboard, with all the extra information provided by the TubeBuddy extension.

The free version offers a ton of useful features for beginners to YouTube, such as recommending the best possible tags for your videos, creating tag lists so you don’t need to manually enter each #hashtag per video, and showing where your videos rank for keywords you’ve chosen.

These are powerful features that allow you to pinpoint which tags and topics are garnering the most interest to your videos. There’s a lot of other great features as well, such as automatic video embedding to your other social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc), monitoring competitor channels to see what’s working for them, and just a huge list of other highly useful features if you decide to upgrade to a paid account.


Socialbakers is a powerful social media audit tool that can connect with your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts. It utilizes an AI-driven software that offers a ton of insights, perhaps most importantly, analyzing your top-performing competitors and seeing what is driving their success.

You can search for influencers by region and specific location, to figure out your nearest competitors, which is incredibly useful for local businesses. There are also great measuring tools for your paid advertisements, which is highly beneficial to figuring out where your money is being wisely spent, and whether your advertisement campaigns are reaching their intended audience.

Some of Socialbakers’ most powerful features are locked behind tiered subscription plans, but they offer many useful free tools related to the things we mentioned.

Icono Square

This is a great social media analytics tool focused exclusively on Instagram and Facebook, which isn’t technically free. What they offer is a free audit of your Facebook and Instagram accounts, to give you optimization advice and a list of things your social media accounts may be missing for optimal outreach. Furthermore, they offer a 14-day free trial of their paid subscription features.

If you do avail of Icono Square’s paid features, they offer follower and impression metrics, average engagement rate per post, competitor tracking, and more. 

Union Metrics

For your Twitter and Instagram accounts, Union Metrics offers numerous powerful and completely free tools. With the Twitter Assistant and Twitter Snapshot tools, you’ll get recommendations on how to improve your posts, such as discovering the best #hashtags to use for your posts, as well as quick reports about recent activity for Twitter hashtags. This can allow you to easily and quickly discover trending hashtags which you can hop on.

With the Instagram Checkup tool, it’s fairly similar to the Twitter tools. You’ll get recommendations for the best hashtags for your posts, which content of yours posted attracts the most attention, and the best times of the day for you to schedule your posts.

Aside from those free tools, Union Metrics also offers tiered subscription plans, which gives you access to tools like ad campaign analysis, keyword listings, competitor tracking, and more.