Top Benefits of Choosing Bespoke Web Design and Development

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 20th February 2021

When getting a website designed, you have two options to choose from – custom and generic. Generic web design is the process of creating websites on the go, essentially replicating the ones that already exist. However, custom design, also known as bespoke design, creates websites specific to the requirements.

There are certain benefits of bespoke web development if you hire an experienced web design company. In this article, you’ll see the top benefits of choosing bespoke web design and development over generic.

Bespoke Design is Brand-specific

The primary reason businesses opt for custom or bespoke web design is to create a website that imitates their brand. A brand stands out from the competition of the differentiated values and products it offers to the customers. And a brand survives by marketing and advertising and reminding users it’s different and better than others.

When users interact with your website, it’s your chance to remind them that you’re different. For example, if your brand produces eco-friendly products, then you can have more green elements on your website. Since green signifies eco-friendliness, your customers will get the message that your business cares for the environment, and that’s how it stands out.

Similarly, you can design eco-friendly graphics and animations that’ll convey the branding message to the users.

A generic web design agency doesn’t offer such services, and they’ll hand you over a website that perhaps other businesses are already using.

Tailored to Your Requirements

As a business, you must be having specific requirements. You might not be able to address all of them with generic web design since the designers never get a chance to understand them. They design a website according to their convenience and abilities. You can only request changes after the website is done. But that’s a painfully slow process.

When you request bespoke web design, you get exactly how you want your website to be designed. If you want the headers to be smaller, that’s how the design will do it for you. If you want the pages to have a specific level of padding, the designer will follow suit.

If you want to optimise your website for conversion, you need to design it in a particular way. You can build these design elements for better conversion.

Whatever the design requirement might be, you can expect the website to be as per the requirement.

Control the Cost of Design and Development

With custom web design, you have more control over the design and development costs. You can decide to design only those pages and components necessary to your business. Thus, by excluding the ones you don’t need, you bring down the cost.

In the case of generic web development, you are usually charged a flat fee. And then you need to pay extra each time you request changes. This can significantly add up to the initial cost.

Specialist agencies also tend to charge higher for providing custom design services. That’s because they are specialised in a particular field and do the best job in their domain. In most cases, they’re worth it.

So, custom web development is about controlling your cost, not necessarily availing of the cheapest one.

Choose Your Preferred Languages

Not only the design and cost but with custom development, you also have control over the programming languages used to develop your website.

For example, you may wish to have your website designed in Angular as the front-end and Node.js as the back-end. Or your requirement might be to develop it entirely in Django.

With custom web development, you can request such requirements. But rarely would you find such benefits in generic web development.

A customised website is a permanent digital asset for your brand. You’ll be using it for years to come to generate leads. So it’s worth investing the time and effort in hiring a reputed web design company to design a customised website for you.

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