Top Benefits of Using Pallet Shelving in your Warehouse

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 7th January 2021

If you own and operate a warehouse, you would know the importance of utilizing the maximum storage area to the best. When you find a way to practically utilize the storage space, it contributes to a neat, immaculate, and accessible warehouse, improving your business’s efficiency.

To save up space and keep the warehouse efficient, you will require several products and accessories. Amongst these products, one of the most required and beneficial ones is pallet shelving or pallet racking systems. Because of its vast range of benefits and versatility, it remains a much sought after product.

Besides the ease of usage and operative benefits, rising warehouse rents and labour costs have also pushed warehouse owners to make resourceful use of their storage space. Consequently, the pallet racking market size is estimated to grow at a 7.4% CAGR in the next five years. 

Are you about to invest in a pallet racking system? Then you are in the right place. Different pallet systems have different benefits; take a look at the many benefits of pallet shelves to find the right system for your warehouse or company.

Robust Fit for Warehouse Storage

One of the essential benefits of pallet shelving is that they have a minimum impact on the warehouse’s integrity. Even if they are built into the building as part of the foundation, it adds to the place’s stability. 

Compared to archive shelving, warehouse racking, etc., pallet racking is very light and comes with very few components. 

It makes it cheaper than solutions like full-shelved storage systems. It can be built higher than the equivalent shelving and offers good visibility of the stock and adequate ventilation and airflow. 

Less Damage to Racks And Goods

Pallet systems that come nowadays are backed up with heavy-duty, slant back support frames, mainly on driving in systems that are deep and several levels of height. It reduces the damage of merchandise. They are also more durable and can resist impacts caused by lift trucks.

Better Usage of Storage Space

You can go all the way vertical with pallet racking. If your warehouse has limited space or housing everything in your inventory in one area, it will be challenging to use the crowded floor space efficiently. 

When you use up the vertical space; instead, you can naturally store more products with less floor space and significantly reduce the shipping time and product turnarounds. 

Efficient Order Fulfilment

As pallet shelving systems have customizable options like a selective rack, drive-in rack, pushback rack, and carton flow racks, it gives efficient order fulfillment. The modules efficiently select and store merchandise. 

When forklifts are not in the picture, conveyors come into play, and the storage and packing systems work together to move merchandise through the complete process. It takes place as a seamless process; hence there is no downtime or pauses when it is time for shipment.

Easy Installation

According to sellers of pallet shelving systems, it is effortless to install and the pallet racking system. If you already have experience using it in your warehouse, you can even install them on your own, but the suppliers do not recommend it. 

If you are a first time user, you should rely on the experts to take care of the installation process. Taking it up as a DIY installation requires some standard tools and the necessary skill sets. It is easy to scale based on the requirements of your space.

Solid construction

Pallet racks are mostly made using steel, which makes them robust and long-lasting. They are durable and will serve your warehouse for decades with minimal maintenance efforts.

The advanced pallet shelving systems you get nowadays are technologically-supported, efficient, flexible, durable, and expandable. Start small and make use of limited space. Expand your inventory and let it grow together with you to maintain on-time and efficient deliveries. 

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