Top Business Expenses New Start-Ups Should be Looking to Slash

by Josh Biggs in Business on 23rd November 2020

New small businesses and start-up companies have to manage lots of expenses when they launch. There can be big costs associated with having a business website developed as it can be very expensive to hire and train a full staff. On the other hand, there are loads of ways for start-ups to slash their business expenses. Buying used office furniture can save you thousands as setting up your employees to work remotely can reduce costs substantially. Next up are the top business expenses that every start-up company should be trying to reduce substantially.

Internet, Phone and Energy Bills 

In business today, you absolutely need to main constant access to the internet. What many start-ups don’t know is that internet costs can be higher for businesses than regular consumers. Your business internet line might cost several hundred dollars to set up, and then hundreds more in monthly service bills. If your start-up requires upgrades such as a multi-line voicemail system, call waiting, and the ability to transfer calls throughout, your total expenses for communications could be through the roof. Additionally, it is going to take a lot of energy to keep your business computers on and connected to the web, as well as your phone lines ringing. Before you sign any type of business phone or internet contract, compare plans to get the least expensive deal.

Expenses on Office Supplies

Start-up companies are going to need a whole lot of office supplies, and they are always going to require replenishments of their stock. Your company is going to need standard office supplies like printer paper, ink, staples, and pens, there is no getting around that. These expenses can build up if you just buy what you need for your start-up when supplies run low. Find the best low-cost business supply retailer and look at how you can secure the best cost-per-unit prices. Purchasing office supplies in bulk is the way most start-ups save more.

Costs for Business Cards, Company Letterhead, and Customized Stationery 

Start-up businesses have to work on their branding strategies to get noticed and become viable contenders in their respective markets. Your plan to stand out might include adding your company logo to all of your envelopes and mailers. Purchasing business cards in bulk is another smart idea, especially if you want to give them out to all potential customers. Look for companies that will create customized stationary for you and print it on demand. Business cards can also be a relatively small expensive if you purchase them by the thousand rather than in smaller quantities.

While your business will not be able to slash all of its expenses, some of them can be reduced greatly. You don’t necessarily need a top-tier internet and phone plan for your business, just as you don’t have to pay a great deal for business cards. Keep costs associated with office supplies low by purchasing all that you need for your company in bulk. Be aware of when you need to replenish supplies for the office and don’t wait until you are completely out to place your next order.

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