Top Career Opportunities in FinTech

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 22nd November 2022

Finance and technology go hand-in-hand since it has become convenient to several other industries. With fintech having been on the rise for a while, we’ve begun to see the banking sector evolving with the elevated challenge and competition it faces. FinTech stands for finance and technology, two of the best jobs to change careers to.

Most of the world already uses fintech as an alternative to traditional banking, thanks to its efficiency and accessibility. This results in no more waiting in lines, going through thousands of painstaking steps, or filling out tons of paperwork. All the new opportunities fintech has opened have cemented its development, as well as all the new jobs that it provides. 

If you’re interested in this industry and find yourself tech- or finance-savvy, here are a few jobs that may suit you.

What to expect before pursuing FinTech

You should be strongly qualified in these industries in order to find yourself a high-paying, successful job in fintech. The most important part of landing a good position in this industry is by showcasing your true skills to employers. 

You will need to adapt easily and be open-minded to learning more about this subject since there are always new things to develop within fintech. Prepare to also endure specialized training when applying for the top jobs in the industry, it will make you more hirable.

AI and Machine Learning 

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing for the tech world. Though it has been around for a while, it was only recently that AI seems to have developed to a level where it could be called powerful and useful. 

Banks tend to fear AI for its ability to replace certain tasks and its reliability. The reality is that AI now simply follows algorithms, thus rules, rather than thinking on its own. Development for sentient AI continues, but no one has anything to fear currently.

Where AI comes into fintech is through online chatbots and financial advisors for simpler work. The average consumer won’t have any difficult problems, so AI is there to provide quick access to answers whilst also providing a more direct connection with customers.

The average salary for this job is from a yearly $100k to $160k.

Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber security is the number one most important part of fintech. Technology is riddled with dangers, especially regarding finance. There are many vulnerabilities online. A breach in security would break any fintech company depending on its severity, which is why they invest so much into cyber security employees.

Your first step to becoming a cyber security analyst is to receive a bachelor’s degree in I.T. or computer technology. From then on, you can specialize in cyber security or continue to engineering. You become more hirable for these positions if you earn extra certifications related to this field, such as risk management or investigation. 

The average salary for a cybersecurity analyst is from $60k to $115k.

Project Manager

Project managers are there to coordinate the team and their projects in order to roll out a product for the company. In the world of fintech, project managers manage the team and materials, scope out the goal for projects and work with human resources to maintain good work standards and reach goals.

The average salary for a project manager is around $90k.

Data Scientist and Analyst

Data is as valuable, if not more valuable, than gold. With the other half of our lives being spent on the internet in one way or another, we find ourselves transacting constantly through technology. 

A data scientist is an individual who is able to garner, organize, and conceptualize data in ways for companies to understand. Essentially, they’re the ones who provide insights into everything regarding the fintech market and the company they work for. Data science is extremely transferable to most industries. Pursuing this career is a good long-term investment

The average salary for a data scientist is around $100k.

Web and App Developer

App development is the base that holds fintech up since most transactions and activities happen through applications designed for this. These developers need to maintain high levels of security whilst also creating an app that is user- and admin-friendly. Both desktop and mobile solutions are needed for consumers to comfortably indulge in fintech.

The skills you will need to pursue this career are programming skills in languages such as C++ and C#, and an understanding of machine learning or even AI. Prepare to work in teams, and having critical thinking can get you far as well. 

The average salary for a web or app developer is around $80k.

Take a Leap into Fintech

If you’re unsure whether fintech is for you, consider the versatility you can find in this industry, as well as the opportunities for growth this career choice allows you to have. Now is the best time to make the change to this job.

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