Web Design Skills to Look for When Hiring a Web Design Agency

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 23rd March 2020

When you look for a web design agency that you can rely on terms of creating an excellent website for your company can be a very time-consuming process. For example, if you are looking for a web design company, you should read local reviews to see are their customers satisfied with the provided service. Think of all the time, effort, interviews, meetups, discussions, and all other things you will have to do to make sure that a prospective design company you consider hiring can provide you with the solutions you need. If you want your company website to stand out among competitors, it’s necessary to find an agency like thewebdesignercardiff.co.uk/web-design-cardiff/ that has the right skill set to take care of all the visual and functional features to convey your brand’s message to your target audience. 

To be honest, there are so many skills you might want a web design agency to have that they could fill a massive catalog and surpass the size of a US phonebook. But, you can narrow everything down to a particular skill set that any respectable web designer and design agency should have. Based on the existence or availability of a given skill, you can make an informed decision when hiring a web design agency. Choosing the right agency for creating your website is a guarantee of a reliable and successful online representation of your business. Once your website is designed, developed, tested, and launched, you should clear up your reports and prepare to see the audience, ROI, conversion, and other metrics grow. 

Below is the list of essential skills any custom web development agency should have. It is not extensive, but it shouldn’t be. If the company you hire has most of them, you can rest assured they can offer you unimaginable assistance that will help your business skyrocket after the site’s launch. 

Structuring and Prototyping 

Every web design company that knows its job has a design process it follows with each project. It has several different stages that help organically go from zero to a completed website. Audience research, user persona development, and a few other initial-stage steps are something you can teach almost anyone to do. The ability to wireframe, or structure the prototype is something that can help you define if a person or team has web design expertise. 

Structuring and prototyping are essential since they provide an efficient way of getting a clear vision of your site’s main features and functions from the get-go. Only after performing this task, the design team will be able to move on with providing a clean-cut shape to your website. 

Professional Copywriting 

Writing is something frequently neglected by designers and developers as such, but in reality, professional copywriting is an integral part of any successful company website. In a nutshell, quality writing is a guarantee of excellent user experience. When your visitors have a great experience using your site, they will keep returning to it for more. 

Look around the web, visit your favorite websites from your desktop computer and smartphone or tablet, and you will notice that they have some neat and catchy, yet easy to perceive, text content. The content is created by professional and experienced copywriters who understand what users need and like to see. Proper writing is crucial if you want your site to be an active sales tool and increase your client conversion rates. 

Visual Correspondence 

Like copywriting, visual correspondence is one of the things that provides website visitors with a great experience. Before getting to using features, pushing buttons, and following supposedly interesting links, website visitors have a visual experience – they make conclusions about the site from what they see. In other words, the visible part of your website is its first line of defense. And if it’s okay, writing comes next. You’ve got to make an excellent first impression. 

A reputable web design agency will be capable of researching your target audience and the niche you work in to determine what color schemes, visual components, and other visual features will best fit your website. The better your site corresponds with your audience, the better the ROI, conversion rates, sales, etc. 

Empathic Design 

Your web design agency has to be able to put itself in your audience’s place when designing your website. What problems does your audience have? What solutions is it looking for? What can they gain from interacting with you? The audience that will be able to develop a useful site for you will be able to answer these and many other related questions. 

Understanding other people’s needs and problems help web designers to understand better how these things can be fulfilled and resolved. An agency that is completely removed from the user and only cares about pretty concepts without any practical application can’t possibly provide a converting and selling website. 

Analytical Approach 

The web design company you ultimately hire to create your website must also be able to test it before its launch. It is crucial for the understanding of how useful the web design is: how all of the website parts work separately and together and how the user interacts with them. Correctly performed analytics help to get a better connection with the end-user, since this is as direct and unhampered a way of seeing how they interact with your site as it gets. 

Web design agencies that make good use of analytics can create better designs and therefore dismiss irrelevant solutions. The thing is that they know exactly what the audience needs and wants, which helps the agency’s team make informed decisions during the design process. 

What about Other Skills? 

Even though the skills described in this article aren’t an extensive list of capabilities a professional web design agency must have in store, they are undoubtedly some of the most crucial ones. Other essential skills often stem from the skills described above. 

The Bottom Line 

We’ve just flipped the calendars and moved into the year 2020. It’s a new decade full of great new possibilities, solutions, and achievements. And this is a great time to launch a website for your company, in case you still don’t have one. Choosing the right web design agency is crucial for your site’s success, so it’s important to know what you should look for and what you should focus on during your search for a reliable agency. When you get to the shortlist of companies that seem to have all of the abovementioned skills, try to meet with each of them and see how you connect with them, how they look at your situation, and what they can offer. The one that feels the most comfortable and natural is your best option.

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