What and Why to Invest in Mutual Funds

by anne jane in Finance on 28th November 2018

The mutual fund is a type of investment where the pool of money is collected from various investors to invest in securities like bonds, stock, and money market assets. Professionals operate these mutual funds who then allow the funds’ investments and produces the capital gains or income to the funds’ investors. A mutual funds’ holdings are very structured and managed to match the objectives which are stated in the prospects. Similar to the rewards and gains which are earned over a period, even there are losses which are incurred by all the investors in the same proportion.

How to invest

Nowadays, investments in mutual funds are gaining popularity. Investors are more keen to know about how to invest in stocks and other financial instruments. There are many institutions to help such as mutual fund companies, independent financial advisers or distributors, online portals, financial institutions like banks etc.

However always think about investing in diversified financial instruments. If the investment is only on one financial asset, then the risk associated with this is higher. Besides, if the instruments are in various assets, then there will be stabilizing of risks. Also, if one asset is not yielding the desired successful returns, then there will be protection from other assets or instruments.

Advantages of investing in Mutual funds

Simple and convenient

While investing, gathering the information or data is time-consuming. If all the data or information is readily available then investing would be much simpler. However, mutual funds require no experience or knowledge of financial statements, markets, or economics to be a prosperous investor. Mutual fund dealers allow comparing the funds based on various elements such as level of risk, price and return.


A single investment mutual fund can be diversified in hundreds and even thousands of securities. Even the risk can be distributed. The primary benefit of the mutual fund is this diversification, which can be automatically done. Instead of investing in shares, bonds and other financial assets one can outsource the task to an expert.

Affordability and economical to invest

Mutual funds are one of the best ways to invest as it involves fewer costs. They require a minimum initial investment requirement. In most of the cases, the investor starts a systematic investment plan. They have a fixed dollar or fixed no. of shares bought per month. The first investment is very low say, it starts from $1000.  They are relatively economical and deducts only 1 to 2 per cent of the costs involved. The institutions can also deduct a share from the earned profit.


Generally, investment is not an easy job. Be it shares, stocks investment, real estate, bonds or on gold etc. it depends on various factors which are continually needed to be understood and learnt. Many think that can know the market. So, they end up by incurring losses. The main benefit of mutual funds is that professionals or experts manage them. Moreover, choose the right mutual fund and invest in the right place. Once invested, relax with the understanding that an expert will make modifications to the assets or portfolios whenever necessary.

Apart from the above, there are many advantages to investing in mutual funds. These can be safe and transparent mainly with the advent of the technology. It can manage the inflation by generating high returns to the investors.


Thus, a mutual fund is a pool of investment where the money is collected from the investors and invests that on their behalf. A nominal fee is charged for maintaining the investments. Investing in mutual funds is ideal for regular and novel investors. They can opt for a scheme based on their financial objectives and goals. They can initiate the investments once the decision is taken and the goals are fixed. Investors can invest directly or invest in the direct plan of a mutual fund scheme.

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