What Are the Most Affordable Franchises You Can Buy in 2021?

by Josh Biggs in Business on 27th March 2020

Becoming a franchisee can be a great business decision for many reasons. Read our article and discover what the most affordable franchises are.

There are so many people in the world that dream of becoming business owners but have no clue as from where to begin. If you are an entrepreneur at heart and are tired of not owning your own business because you are afraid you can’t afford one,  Franchise Search Engine is here to help you buy the affordable franchise of your choice.

Keep reading to learn more about the most affordable franchises along with some of the most profitable franchises.

Dream Vacations

The initial investment to own a dream vacation franchise starts at around $3,000. This franchise has a few perks that include being able to work from home and have little to no inventory or overhead expenses. 

Anyone that wants their own travel agency can save up some money and buy one outright. With your own Dream Vacations franchise, you will still need to learn about marketing a franchise but thankfully because of the recognized brand, it will be easier to get the word out there.

A bonus that comes with this franchise is that as an owner you will get discounted trips and vacations to choose from. 


Jazzercise is another low investment option that is great if you are also into fitness. There are a few different options when buying this franchise but it starts at around $2,500. But you need good marketing for franchises.

You can work out and get paid by teaching others. What a great way to live a healthy life doing something you love while making money. The fun thing about Jazzercise is you will never have boring classes to teach and they take care of all the material from playlists to dance moves, your job is just to learn the routines and teach them.

Cruise Planners

If you love cruising then a cruise planners franchise is a smart affordable move if you are ready to own your own business. The rates start at around $2,000 making it one of the top cheap franchises. The great thing is that you can run the franchise from home which means that you do not have to factor in any real estate costs. 

Even if you have never been on a cruise and have only dreamt of going on one, you can still be successful with a Cruise Planners business. You do not need prior experience in travel planning either because the company offers extensive training for everyone that buys a franchise. 


The initial investment of a Fit4Mom franchise starts at around $6,000 and is great for all moms. You will have the opportunity to conduct your own Fit4Mom Rub Club, stroller Strides Classes, and Stroller Barre Classes (just to name a few) in your place of business. You can also hire other fitness instructors to alleviate some of the work. 

The great thing is that you have control over when you conduct the classes and where. You can choose to do them in your own community or a busier neighborhood, it is completely your preference. 


Stratus Building Solutions is a franchise focused on providing environmentally friendly solutions to clean office buildings, restaurants, retail shops, etc. You also have options when it comes to the type of Stratus franchise you want to open up with. The lower option is around $3,500. 

They do offer their own in-house finance option if you end up deciding that you would prefer the higher option investment. They can help with the initial franchise fee, the inventory, equipment, and any other startup costs. 

Mosquito Squad

If you live in an area that deals with mosquitoes almost all year round, like Florida, then this franchise would make sense. Their startup costs begin at around $17,000 and go up depending on the options you choose.

This can be a profitable business where you are saving your neighbors from these pests and helping reduce the dangers that mosquitoes sometimes bring. This franchise is a well-known name across the nation and therefore it also comes with brand trust.

If you do not have all of the initial investment money but really want to own this business, they help with financing because they have third-party lender relationships. This makes it a bit easier to get approval and own your very own Mosquito Squad in your town. 

SuperGlass Windshield Repair

This franchise is a bit higher on the scale compared to others on this list but it can be very profitable because of the need. There are plenty of cases where people are driving down the road or the highway and a small rock or pebble hits their windshield and cracks it. 

Most people do not let this go because they know it will only get worst over time and typically this is also something that full vehicle insurance will cover. You can start earning money within a few weeks after paying your franchise fees (starting at around $18,000). 

You are able to keep your overhead and startup costs low if you choose to not have a place for people to come and instead you drive to their place of business or home and change their windshield right then and there. Not having to leave their homes or work for an appointment is such an attractive concept for customers, that making an appointment is fairly easy. 

Which of These Most Affordable Franchises Is Calling Your Name?

Now that you have our list of the most affordable franchises, which one sounds best to you? Make sure that you do not rush into making a decision. Take your time and analyze everything in these franchise opportunities and do your homework. 

You have to be 110% sure that you understand the business that you are getting into. The last thing you want is to have any regrets. 

Did our blog post help you today? Please come back soon for more great reads! 

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