What is Affiliate Management and How Can it Help Your Business?

by Josh Biggs in Business on 5th May 2020

There is a lot of strong evidence and statistic that show an incredible number of businesses and brands utilize affiliate marketing and the indications are that because it is performance-based in nature, that popularity is likely to continue to grow. There is more involved than just setting up the affiliate program of your choice and watching the commission sales rise. 

For any affiliate marketing program to be successful, you need experienced insight. The experienced insight which can help you choose the best affiliates for the program and make sure all the affiliates are fully active and engaged, and so much more. Where can you get that help from? Affiliate management

To help you understand its crucial role in successful affiliate marketing, we are going to explain what affiliate management is and how it can help your business in the following post. 

First things first.

What Exactly is Affiliate Management?

Affiliate management essentially is the process involved in establishing and expanding a marketing channel that works to drive traffic to your business, your store, or offers. The role of an affiliate manager is probably the most important as they have oversight over your affiliate programs, the software and networks used, and other aspects like whether the tracking is working properly or not and new partner recruitment. 

Now we’ve covered a little about the basics of their role, let’s look at some of the benefits your company and its fledgling affiliate marketing strategy can gain from hiring an affiliate management team or individual. 

Results-Based Performance

You will find that many affiliate management firms are paid a retainer with additional bonuses based on performance. We hinted at this at the outset of this post. Those bonuses are often a larger percentage of the compensation they make. Therefore, they are fully motivated and focused on getting good results by making sure your affiliate program is effectively run. 

Expertise and Experience

Following on nicely from the above, when you avail your company of the services offered by a professional affiliate management agency, you get more than just good intentions, but actual expertise and experience. You will normally be assigned a fully dedicated to your program and network. They know what to do to enhance your program quickly. If you choose an agency or individual that has worked with many clients in the past, you will have access to one that knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. 

Technology Experience

Expanding upon the points raised above, another benefit of hiring an affiliate management team is that they will have experience using the relevant tracking software and affiliate networks. This can often be complicated and time-consuming. Affiliate managers know the best affiliate programs and know the right networks to use. It also makes their job easier and therefore, yours in turn, because they often know people who work on these platforms. 

Fully Optimization of Your Program

It’s important to remember that while they are vital parts of the whole thing, there is more still to affiliate marketing than just finding the best affiliates and recruitment. Optimization is a huge priority. They will be aware of the need for CPA, conversion rates, and quality traffic. Further to this, they will analyze what your competition is doing, what campaigns they are running, and promotional work.

Keeps Costs Low

It’s fair to say that affiliate management services can seem rather expensive. You may think of going it alone and doing it yourself. However, although they are pricey, agencies have all the tools, programs, and technical resources they need to run a successful campaign. This means that despite the initial high price, your company will save money in the long run. 

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