What is Cardano cryptocurrency and how does Cardano work

by anne jane in Blockchain, Business on 18th December 2018

Cardano is a project of the blockchain invented by Charles Hoskinson. He is a co-founder of Ethereum. It is founded to allow a balanced and sustainable ecosystem in regards to cryptocurrencies. According to the studies, ADA is the only coin with a research-driven method and a scientific philosophy. Besides, is, of course, the first of its kind to develop like a research-driven approach.  In practicality, this team is associated with the open-source blockchain that undergoes a meticulous peer-review method by programmers and scientists in academia. Cardano is thus generating a smart contract platform that seeks to address more exceptional features than any others which are previously produced. There is a high global collective of professional engineers and researchers who developed this Cardano.

Difference between Cardano, Ethereum and Bitcoin

Cardano, which is also known as ADA is a third-generation cryptocurrency that aims to handle infrastructure and scaling issues that produced in bitcoin. Precisely, Cardano aims to resolve the issues that are related to sustainability, interoperability and scalability on cryptocurrency platforms.

Despite having a copy of single blockchain on each node, Cardano’s blockchain designs various nodes in a stream by designating the professionals who are responsible for validating and verifying transactions from many nodes.
Cardano also uses the RINA which is recursive internetworked architecture to scale the network. John Day initially developed this network that facilitates customized supplements to heterogeneous networks.

Cardano Working model

Cardano was initiated as a two-layer which separates the ledger of the accounted figures from the reason why these figures are passed from one account to another. This separation lets the smart contracts on the platform and be more compliant. It also allows organizations the opportunity to custom-made the design, execution and privacy of each contract and to fit in perfect and distinct use-cases. The CSL, known as Cardano settlement layer serves as the balance ledger and is the primary layer of the program or platform. Cardano is created as an enhancement to the Bitcoin. The CSL uses a consensus algorithm called proof-of-stake for generating new blocks and confirms the transaction. It involves scripting languages, one of the set to move the values, and enhance the overlay protection support. Besides, it also uses sidechain which is linked to other ledgers etc.

Where to buy and store ADA

There is always a source of buying ADA on the significant exchange platforms. But, to purchase ADA, there should be a transaction and transfer of Bitcoin and Ethereum on other platforms.
To receive a reward it is always better to store the ADA in a wallet off an exchange. At present, there is only Daedalus wallet to store ADA.


Cardano is impressive and has a long-term aim for its cryptocurrency and blockchain. But it is still in the initial stages. Moreover, Cardano’s blockchain signifies to develop beyond the coins to a control layer provides services away from the cryptocurrency ecosystem as of today. Having said that it is still in the primary stages that depend on the execution of the idea.

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