What Is Featured Dashboard in Power Bi?

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 25th November 2019

Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, and we are gathering more and more of it than ever before. However, amassing magnitudes of digital data is not of much use unless some useful information is extracted out of it. This is where Business Intelligence (BI) comes in. Business Intelligence (BI) is a tool that has proven to present numerous opportunities for increased growth and greater profitability through smart analysis that drives digital transformation. These opportunities present themselves in the form of actionable insights gathered from the transformation of data from various sources. These insights facilitate a more informed business decision-making process, enhanced organizational performance, competitiveness, and agility.

Microsoft’s Power BI is one of the numerous toolsets used within the BI space. Microsoft’s Power BI Suite is a cloud-based business analytics solution that provides the necessary tools to extract useful information from the vast volumes of data across silos.

Power BI does not require any large investment or infrastructural support. Power BI is a very feature rich tool while being easy to use and intuitive. Some of the key features of Power BI include power queries, easy and seamless integration with applications, and a secure and robust access control system. One of the major features in Power BI is the customizable dashboards that house the Power BI visualizations for various metrics in the datasets. They can be personalized to meet an organization’s exact requirements and present what brings the most value to the business.

Dashboard and Featured Dashboard in Power Bi

A Power BI dashboard is a one-page interface that uses various Power BI visualizations to present data and the trends followed by the data. The dashboard is also often called a canvas. The dashboard is restricted to a single page and thus only the most important visualizations are represented in a dashboard.

The visualizations in the dashboard are called tiles. These tiles are clipped to the dashboards by report designers. The Power BI dashboard visualizations come from reports that are in turn based on a particular dataset or an amalgamation of various datasets. A dashboard can be considered an entryway into the underlying reports and datasets.

Many businesses and users may have a dashboard designed that they visit frequently and that shows them the most useful Power BI visualizations for metrics that help them run their business. Alternatively, it may simply be an aggregation of tiles from many different dashboards and reports. These favourite dashboards can be set as featured in Power BI. When a dashboard is selected as featured, each time a Power BI service is opened, it opens with the dashboard displayed.

Featured dashboards are particularly useful when certain metrics need to be visualized repeatedly at certain intervals.


Power BI is an intuitive, easy to use, and powerful tool that can help businesses adapt to the data-driven culture. In the age of analytics, Power BI is an excellent solution for businesses looking to leverage their data and adapt to changing consumer habits. With easy and clear Power BI visualization tools like dashboards and featured dashboards, organizations can easily access and study the most relevant information in virtually no time. Making a report for a similar task would take a lot more resources. 

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