What is nutra? Nutra affiliate marketing traffic sources

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 8th December 2022

The nutra vertical does not lose its relevance and attracts more and more affiliate marketers. It is not surprising, because this category of products is easy to work with, and the profit from nutra offers often remains at a high level, regardless of seasonality. In this material, we will tell you what nutra is and what should be considered in the process of working with the nutra affiliate program.

What is nutra?

Nutra is one of the niches in traffic affiliate marketing, which combines offers to maintain beauty and health. The undoubted advantage of nutra is that it has a very wide audience. Looking good, getting rid of health problems, taking care of your own body – these goals can be set by people of absolutely different ages in different parts of the world.

When working in CPA affiliate programs, the affiliate marketer receives payment for a specific action performed by the user, for example a purchase, application, or providing data. The most popular nutra payment model is COD when the user pays for the purchase after actually receiving the product.

What is included in the concept of “nutra”?

The nutra category includes a huge number of nutritional and dietary supplements, care products, and products to improve health. Among nutra advertisers, the most popular offers are designed for:

·  Weight loss: various diets, supplements, mixtures.

·  Rejuvenation: for example, anti-wrinkle creams.

· Improvement of cognitive functions: means stimulating brain activity.

·  Enlargement of certain parts of the body: for example, breasts or penis.

· Skin and hair care: creams, balms, extracts, masks.

·  Vision enhancements: drops or capsules.

Products that help improve health are also popular. They are bought for:

·  Joint pain: creams, ointments, special supplements.

· Varicose veins: means to improve the condition of blood vessels.

· Problems with potency: means to get rid of erectile dysfunction and to increase libido.

· Sugar level normalization: foods for people with diabetes.

· Heart stimulation: for example, capsules or powders.

Nutra affiliate marketing traffic sources

Nutra advertisers often define a list of sources that are allowed to be used to drive traffic to their offers. For this niche in affiliate CPA affiliate programs, the following traffic sources are most often used:

1. Teaser advertising

These are small, but intriguing and attention-grabbing ads. Most often they are placed on thematic sites relevant to the offer. The advantage of this traffic source is its relatively low cost and the ability to get a high conversion rate. To do this, affiliate marketers often use clickbait titles in teasers.

2. Push notifications

These are ads that appear in the browser or application as small alerts. Push notifications are considered a less aggressive type of advertising, since they may not interfere with the viewing of the main content, and users are more okay with them. In addition, the advantage of push notifications is the ability to personalize the message.

3. Sites

Advertising banners can be placed on thematic resources. But they need to be carefully worked on in order to attract the attention of the user and break through the “banner blindness”. You can also create your own information sites about the product, further redirecting users to offers.

4. Social networks

There are several ways to get traffic from social networks. The most common is targeted advertising campaigns, with the help of which you can select the most relevant audience. Also in social networks, you can promote nutra offers through opinion leaders, in thematic communities or on your personal page.

Nutra has been on top of popular traffic affiliate marketing niches for several years now. This is a fairly stable and profitable category of offers, so every affiliate marketer should work with it. If you carefully study the specifics of the nutra category and the channels for its promotion, the profit will not be long in coming.

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