What is RPO(recruitment process outsourcing)?

by anne jane in Business, Software on 6th December 2018

RPO(Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is of 10 years old service. It is a category of human resource outsourcing. Many organizations have found that recruiting has become challenging for staffing needs. Besides, RPO has grown leaps and bounds apart from being just as recruiting the outside provider. RPO acts as a mediator between recruiting needs and recruiting services namely, RPO buyer and the provider. Moreover, over here RPO buyers services have been promoted rather than the providers. Medium and large-size organizations use this RPO services more often. It is a popular alternative among employers who need talent acquisition trained in the technical areas. In a market where finding employees are demanding, RPO helps in bringing different skills, perspectives, and attention to the issues. being at the same time, delivering HR staff and focusing on the internal staff.

Advantages of RPO

Companies which shares outsourcing recruitments saves time, improves the compliance and reduces the cost. Besides, they even have a way for more eligible candidates. In this competitive world or with many specialized departments, RPO helps the employer to make wise choices. RPO can even offer organizations for hiring the people.

One more advantage that RPO provides is the way of supporting the globalization. As companies grow and expand its divisions into various countries, it is essential to standardize the policies and look after hiring onboarding processes. Replacing much recruitment positions with a centralized RPO service provider may help firms to achieve the desired goal.

RPO working model

RPO offers solutions to the customers entire recruiting functionalities. Mostly, RPO offers particular services that help in improving what the customer is already been working or recruiting. They help the firm’s recruiters for working more better. Some of the services which the RPO providers offer a client are hiring manager training, candidate research, compliance tracking, process mapping etc.
Generally, RPO services typically initiate with a hiring process. Secondly, they move to the outsourcing agreement that tells the scope of the project, cost, timing and more. More often, the HRM and the RPO providers collaborate and discuss the job profiles. Finally, this provider spreads the word by using their methodologies.  Social media is one of the most substantial section of the RPO recruiting.

Once the provider receives the resume, they assess the candidate and meet the employer if there are any disconnects.   The RPO team will then gather all the required information and screen the applicants by pre-employment assessments if necessary. If all this process has been proven successful then there will be an interview for the proven candidates by the employer. They then take the decision and makes a choice.

Typical recruiting vs. RPO

In many different processes, an external recruiter who works for an RPO company takes the responsibility just like an internal recruiter. However, there are some differences between the two. Some of the organizations have human resource departments for supporting the recruitment teams. Besides, these HR employers have other different tasks apart from recruitment. RPO then offers full-time employers with in-depth industry knowledge, which helps to reach the candidates.

An RPO organization is more likely to know the particular site or social media platform that attracts talented resources. RPO firm even gets an update for the latest tools and trends in the recruitment, where the in-house professionals, do not know.


RPO, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a kind of business model where an organization outsources the process of recruitment either wholly or partly. The employers of the company give this process to the third-party professionals to dive quality, cost, service, scalability, and efficiency benefits. The RPO service provider is responsible for hiring the people for the organization. Thus with clearly defines policies, RPO can reduce the cost, time and attrition by improving the quality of the hiring process.

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