What is WordPress hosting

by anne jane in Digital Marketing, Marketing on 4th December 2018

Word press hosting has been optimized to meet the performance and security needs of the WordPress. Among all the blogging platforms, WordPress is one of the popular blogging programs. However, WordPress is an online opensource website making tool written in PHP format. PHP scripts, along with traditional web languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript create the platform that we called as WordPress.It is probably the dominant and most natural blogging and website designing CMS that is in existence nowadays.

WordPress Platform

This application depends on multiple components to work. The most essential of these is PHP interpreter and the PHP code which generate web pages that a browser knows and understands. WordPress also needs a server such as Apache to respond to requests through the web browser, and a storage database which needs to store the information. The information can be user details or the site’s content and other elements such as an image. These elements or components also run on any OS usually a Linux.

To connect to the internet, the server should have a network interface that is then connected to the WiFi or internet. For the most part, WordPress users do not worry about this. The work of web hosting company is to take care of all these details. Users need to just deploy the WordPress on web hosting and control it through a built-in interface.

Main types of WordPress

There are different kinds of WordPress hosting-shared and Managed.

Shared WordPress Hosting is the cheapest of the two choices. With this hosting, the site will be shared with other websites. The server will be performance optimized for the WordPress. Besides, the performance tweaks, there will be access to some kind of one-click installer.
Furthermore, some of the shared hosts will go further and gives a choice of pre-installation of WordPress.Some of the WordPress offers an additional benefit of upgrading the software. Sometimes, there is a possibility of upgrading the themes and plugins too. Keeping the updated version of WordPress is the vital security measure. There are some hosts which provide some more features apart from the standard features.  There are even discounts for the first billing. After that rates jump to the normal.

Managed WordPress Hosting offers more functions when compared to Shared Hosting. There are better hardware specs which increase the speed of the WordPress website. Caching is one of the useful things for maximizing the speed of the site. Typically there should be a plugin to manage it, but this host gives great caching with less job to be done. There are a particular firewall and frequent detection of intrusion and malware scans. All these components make a significant secured WordPress website. Some hosts provide staging sites that permit for an easy test to the site before making the site go live.


As we have learnt WordPress is a shared hosting on the web used fo running the site accurately. To speed up the loading speed and perform high WordPress is associated with their features. Moreover, some web hosts even provide many characteristics like themes and plugins where there is a access to WordPress application etc. Finally, WordPress which uses PHP is very useful in creating a website.