What to Ask When Hiring a Freelance SEO Consultant

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 11th February 2021

If you run any sort of business, you would know the power that a functional and robust website can bring, but so does everyone else.

Nowadays, everyone and their mother has a website for anything from their business to websites literally dedicated to corndog gifs (not even joking, look it up).

Internet searches on any topic can bring up billions of results spanning thousands of pages, and if your website is not visible on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing, your potential clients will likely never even know of your existence. 

Luckily, through the use of search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, you can increase the visibility of your website in search engines. 

If this sounds like something that you need but you do not know how to accomplish it, then it might be time for you to hire a freelance SEO Consultant

Do I actually need it?

The first question you should ask yourself is “will an SEO consultant actually help my business?”

Despite our modern age, there are still plenty of businesses out there that do not rely on internet traffic.

Take your local chippy, for example, it would not make sense for them to join the rat race for coveted global first page search result positions, but they would definitely benefit from improved local search results.

This and other local businesses can heavily benefit local SEO and a consultant with experience in your township or city can help them attract more nearby customers.

You should think critically about the future of your business and whether improved website visibility will be worth the investment of hiring an SEO consultant

When thinking about this, make sure to remember that even though your current business may not be reliant on internet traffic, it does not mean that it cannot benefit from it in the future.

How will you improve my rankings with search engines?

The strategy and techniques an SEO consultant uses will be the driving factor in the success of your optimisation campaign.

First off, are the red flag practices that you should look for immediately. 

Signs of an unreputable SEO are if they do not adhere to engines’ webmaster guidelines, refuse to discuss their methods with you, or if they offer any guarantee of a “number 1 ranking”.

If you see any of these, they will likely run into UK regulatory issues, and you should look for another consultant.

A good SEO consultant will offer a clear and comprehensive strategy to address your website’s problems and to improve its ranking.

Their strategy should have a reasonable timeline and they should have a clear line of communication with you. 

What does your client list look like?

Ok, so you’ve narrowed your list of SEO consultants down to the reputable ones without red flags.

That’s great! But now comes the difficult part of finding the right one among them for you and your business.

The very first thing you should ask for is a list of clients, both current and former. 

A list of clients, although not overflowing with analytical data, will allow you to gauge the level of expertise and verify their credibility

Furthermore, you want an SEO consultant that is familiar with your situation.

An SEO consultant that is familiar with your geographical area of the UK and/or your particular industry will already have a prerequisite understanding of common issues and their respective solutions.

Being able to see if they have worked with other clients in the UK can also help you better understand their experience with UK professional practices and regulations.


An SEO Consultant can radically improve your website’s search engine visibility and can create a dynamic shift in your business. 

Everyone’s needs are a little different, but remember that these questions can be the difference between a successful website and getting burned by a fraud.

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