What’s to Know about the Capital One Venture X Card

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 9th December 2023

There are common mistakes that people make when it comes to owning and using travel credit cards. However, a lot of them are down to choosing the wrong travel credit cards. In light of this, making the right choice is important, if you need travel credit cards.

However, this is not the end of the common mistakes that people make with these payment solutions. You can check here for more on this subject.

In the spirit of choosing the right one, this article provides answers to some frequently asked questions about the Capital One Venture X Card. So, don’t stop reading if you want to know more.

Capital One Venture X Card – Frequently Asked Questions

Quite a lot of questions have been asked about this card. Answers to some of them are proffered below:

Is It Difficult to Secure a Venture X Card?

It is conveniently one of the travel credit cards that is difficult to secure. For starters, this is down to the credit score that applicants need to have before they can be considered by the issuer.

As of the time of writing this article, the credit score benchmark is no less than 700. This goes to show how having an excellent credit rating is one of the major requirements for eligibility. As a result, many people are not able to qualify for it.

What Is the Credit Limit for Cardholders?

There is no general credit limit. This means that some cardholders can have high credit limits, while some can have low limits. The creditworthiness of the cardholder is the major determinant here. So, cardholders need to improve their rating to stand a chance of increasing their credit limit.

On the whole, this does not only apply here alone but to the financial system at large. However, there are a few other things that determine credit limits. For more information on this, you can visit: https://www.cnet.com/.

Do Cardholders Pay an Annual Fee?

Cardholders pay an annual fee of 395 dollars. This is higher than the average amount charged by issuers. However, some reviews have suggested that it may be worth it given the long list of perks that come with using it.

Is there any difference between the Venture X and Venture One Cards?

There are clear-cut differences between both cards. This is even though they are issued by the same issuer.

For starters, both require paying annual fees but the fees are different. In the case of Venture X (as mentioned earlier), the fee is 395 dollars. On the other hand, it is 95 dollars in the case of Venture One. Furthermore, the former offers more benefits than the latter, which may not be surprising considering the huge difference in the annual fee.

For example, Venture X cardholders are eligible for a 10 thousand-mile anniversary bonus, 300 dollars travel credit yearly, and a few other things. Venture One cardholders do not enjoy the same luxury.

How Soon Can a Venture X Card Be Secured?

It does not take quite long before people who are considered eligible are granted their cards. For starters, you would get a message from the issuer notifying you that your application has been granted or declined. If it is approved, the card comes not too long afterward.

However, it is still possible to make use of the card and enjoy certain benefits before you get the physical one. The reason is that you can make use of the details before getting the physical material; enjoying virtual features with the provided numbers.

Do You Get a Hard Pull When You Apply for a Venture X Card?

The issuer performs a hard pull when making inquiries on applicants. These inquiries are usually made by issuers to examine the creditworthiness and eligibility of applicants. This largely determines if the applicant’s request will be granted or declined.

However, some inquiries are considered a hard pull because of their intensity. One of the implications of undergoing a hard pull is that it negatively affects your credit score, albeit little.

The issuer is known to perform a hard pull to have a very good idea of applicants’ creditworthiness and their eligibility status. People who decide to get a Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card need to factor this in. The fact that a hard pull is performed is not surprising given the issuer’s intent on only offering its services and rewards to very creditworthy people.

What Is the Venture X Card Made of?

It is made out of metal. This choice is born out of the need to ensure that the card offers a premium feel since it is a premium travel reward credit card. As a result, it weighs more than the average card; which is usually made out of plastic. It weighs roughly 17 grams.

Wrap Up

The Venture X card can be considered a premium card going by several standards, including the reward benefits that it offers. However, it comes at a premium price and has stringent rules for applicants. So, this has to be considered before applying.

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