When Does Your Business Need A Dedicated Server?

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 26th July 2020

Talk to all IT professionals and they will agree that DED servers stand out as the best option you can consider if you want to have the best possible online presence. These servers are completely owned by you and you do not share resources with anyone else. This means that security is as high as possible and the experience of the visitor is much higher than with other market alternatives, especially when referred with shared hosting since on that server there can even be 1000 other sites hosted. 

The problem is that the dedicated server is more expensive than other opportunities. Also, not all businesses actually need it. There is no reason to make an investment if it is not necessary so when do you need a dedicated server? Here are some clear situations when such a server is a good investment. 

Custom Programming

When you opt for the shared server, you do not have many customization options that you can use. The dedicated server is practically everything that you would want. This includes all aspects from custom software to hardware specifications. You can even choose the desired operating system and create infrastructures for running apps if this is what you want. 

Traffic Volume

When the website starts to experience high traffic volumes, it is time to seriously consider a DED server. This is especially the case when the traffic log shows 6 figures. If you do not have the right foundation for your site, service outages appear. 

As a very simple example, in 2013 we saw Amazon go down for around 40 minutes. This made them lose an estimated $4.8 million. Obviously, not all companies are that affected by a server outage but at the end of the day, you lose money, which is not what you want. 

Page Load Times

Whenever you notice that page load times are going down, it is time to do something about it. This is because the average website visitor only waits 2.6 seconds before deciding to stay or leave. When the web page does not load that fast, you lose traffic. 

To make matters even worse for sites that have a low loading speed, Google now officially uses page load time as a ranking algorithm. Basically, if the site loads too slowly, it will be shown lower in search engine rankings. This leads to a loss of potential profits and nobody wants that. 

Increased Security

Last but certainly not least, whenever security is a vital aspect of the site you run, you cannot make a compromise. If you decide to use a shared hosting package and another account is hacked, the hacker will most likely also gain access to your information. At the same time, it is much easier to be infected by a virus. 

Because you are the only owner of the server and you can do what you want with it, you choose the level of security that is present. It is much harder for any hacker to gain access to your data if you use a DED server. 

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