Where Can I Store My Verge Coin?   

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 16th March 2022

The idea of Verge cryptocurrency takes its roots in the belief in the primacy of fundamental human rights. According to the founders of Verge, the contemporary banking system actively encroaches on these rights by gathering comprehensive data on their clients and all the transactions. In order to return people this freedom and independence from constant tracking, they designed the Verge network and its XVG coin. Open the best Verge wallets at Guarda cryptocurrency storage to support this idea and invest in the privacy of transactions.

The Main Features of Verge Transactions

· The designers of Verge considered Bitcoin as not protecting privacy to the desired degree. Therefore, they created their blockchain for untraceable transactions. It is impossible to detect who were the parties of the particular transaction.

· Verge is a blockchain with an open source that allows its users to propose any changes in it. If others vote in favor of them, these changes will be accepted. 

· The speed of transactions is another important advantage of Verge cryptocurrency: it is counted in seconds while Bitcoin needs ten minutes to conduct them

· Verge is scalable in a greater degree than Bitcoin: it can conduct one hundred transactions simultaneously

Store Your Verge Coins in Guarda Wallet

The best place to store, buy and trade your XVG is that service that supports the idea of decentralization and anonymity of transactions. Guarda storage is devoted to the idea of freedom from any transaction tracking:

· you don’t need to make an account in order to get your free XVG wallet

· the data on your transactions, your private key and other personal information will not be kept on Guarda servers

Manage your Verge Coins with Guarda wallet to take full advantage of this promising means of payment. No limits will be installed for your transactions, no permission will be required. Taste the forgotten taste of freedom with a Guarda Verge wallet!

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